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Zachary stood in the dimly lit room, helping the pack Healer Alistair tend to the severely wounded Delta, Gabriel. 

The slashes were deep to the bone and the silver that had struck his skin hadn't even begun to heal. Which meant it'd been mixed with wolfsbane and was more than likely in his bloodstream.

"More bandages," Alistair snapped, pressing down on the bloodied towels to ease the blood flowing from a cut that had reopened.

Zachary rushed to the medical cabinets, pulling out as much gauze as he could. With everyone else who'd been hurt they were running low. Which meant that only those of priority would be looked at first. Lower ranked wolves would need to fend for themselves until someone could go into town.

And all stores were closed.

"We're low," Zachary announced as he ran back to the healer, helping him apply pressure to the wounds long enough to stitch the cuts back up.

Alistair growled deeply, the wolves around him grumbling in pain and annoyance. "Someone get me the Alpha!"

Zachary glanced around, noticing he was the only one left on his two feet.

"Oh!" he took off quickly, slamming the door from the medical room open and racing through the pack house, crashing to several members as he searched for the Alpha.

Pack members growled threats at him but in his haze he, for once, felt no fear at their words. He spent ten minutes searching until he went down the hall to the Luna's office and burst in without a sound.

The Alpha shot up to his feet, snarling so deeply and darkly that Zachary trembled and sank down to one knee, his wolf whimpering. The Luna's soft gasp was heard and the Beta's brother scoffed.

"Explain your interruption before I have you whipped," the Alpha snarled, his wolf's voice guttural and terrifying.

"T-the Delta. H-he's bleeding faster than we can stop it. We've run low on gauze and the stores are closed. Alpha, he is dying," Zachary rushed out quickly, breathing hard.

The Alpha made a dangerous sound, "Stand, Omega."

Zachary stood on shaky legs, his head bowed.

"Tell Alistair I'll send out a group to buy some medical supplies from the next town over. Tell him to pay his full attention to the Delta."

The meek omega nodded, stammering out a sentence, "A-Alpha, there's a few others who are hurt. If we could patch them up quickly, we'd have more time-"

"Do you wish to be whipped for disobedience? I'm sure many members of the pack would enjoy that greatly."

"Vincent!" the Luna gasped, appalled by the words the Alpha was speaking.

Zachary slowly looked up at her, the Alpha's expression darkening as he beckoned for everyone to leave. Brandon took the message and left, dragging Zachary out and shoving him down the hall.

"Go now, before he makes do on his words," Brandon warned, glaring at him.

He nodded and took off, running up the stairs.

"Well?" Alistair asked him, stitching up another cut on the Delta.

"The Alpha said to focus solely on him. He is top priority," he answered a bit shakily, looking around the room at the group of wolves would were badly injured and who'd get no medical attention.

They'd have to rely on their healing for now which was slowed due to the wolfsbane burning through their system.

"Stop focusing on what you can't do and simply help with the one you can do anything for," Alistair said and beckoned him forward.

It'd be a very long night.


Leanna stared at Vincent, watching his wolf slowly taking him over, his eyes darkening to the point where she couldn't tell where his pupil started.

"Do you really think it's smart to call me by my name when around other members?" he inquired curiously, his eyebrow quirking upward.

She swallowed and stood her ground defiantly. Her wolf was, for the most part, on her side. But a small part did wish to bow down as was natural when coming to the hierarchy of the pack.

"You are my mate and I am your equal. I should be allowed to address you by your name. I understand that it is intimate, but no pack member should fear saying such a simple word when they are already supposed to trust you with their lives and protection," she said gently but firmly, walking toward him.

"There's a lot we have to learn about each other, Vincent. Which is why, from our talk earlier this week, I do not think we should mark each other yet."

She watched his eyes darken considerably, his hands gripping her waist and bringing her close, his wolf close to completely taking over. 

Swallowing, she attempted to calm him by running her fingers through his hair, "I know it's not something you want. My wolf doesn't want this either. But for reasons like this, we should wait. I am your mate but I am also Luna and right now, this pack needs guidance more than ever. These attacks are frightening everybody and you've kept quiet for so long, no one knows what to think."

He took in a deep breath, closing his eyes and pressing his forehead against hers. He pressed his lips against hers in a gentle kiss, moving as slowly as he could, his wolf enjoying the sensation of her near them. Her every presence calming him to the point where his troubled mind calmed completely and he could think clearly again.

"Thank you," he murmured against her lips, pecking them once more before wrapping his arms around her and pulling her closer.

She smiled up at him, a twinkle in her eyes. "You need to apologize to Zachary when you can. But let's check on Gabriel first. Was anyone else gravely injured?" she asked, her features losing its light tone.

Vincent sighed and leaned back against the desk, bringing her with him. "A few, We didn't expect an ambush so soon after the one from three days ago. We managed to catch to of the rogues," he explained, brushing the hair from her face.

A frown painted her lips as she looked at him. "I saw the basement earlier today. It's...it's so dark, Vincent. Everything about it. The conditions, the way they were shackled," she whispered breathlessly, the images of it appearing back behind her eyes.

"Let's head upstairs," he said, grabbing her hand and leading her up the stairs, the subject switched so quickly it made her mind reel.

It left a hole inside her chest to see that he wasn't uncomfortable from the state of it all. Shaking it away for another time, she followed him to the medical room, where the smell of death was beginning to seep out.

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