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                  Mason's POV

As soon as I'm discharged I hurriedly fly out of heavens gates down to earth. I have to get to Clarke. I need to get to her.

I don't think I could have gone one more day without her, it's effected me in every way possible.

I fly down to earth and can start picking up her scent, I inhale deeply closing my eyes momentarily while speeding up. The closer I get to her house the stronger her scent is. I finally arrive noticing her mother and Oliver aren't here, I do however see a strange car that I don't have a good feeling about.

I rush through the door seeing a demon on the floor standing up to go upstairs. I recognize him to be Victor's father, I guess he must have been the secret admirer. She must have done something to anger him because his horns are out along with his disgusting claws and wings. His eyes are completely black while his skin is grey.

I walk up behind him knocking him out with the arm chair. I rush up the stairs opening Clarke's door to see her on the floor with tears running down her rosy cheeks. I let out a sob when I see her wrist slit with blood oozing out. She reaches her hand out for me to take, which I do. I grasp her wrist trying to keep as much blood as possible from escaping. She looks up into my stormy eyes, a weak smile spreads across her beautiful face as she whispers the words I've been longing to hear.

"I love you Mason."

Her head falls limp to the side as I call out her name. I try to wake her but she's already out. I quickly reach over and feel for a pulse. I sit there with my mouth hanging open, tears staining my cheeks. My heart clenches in anguish.

She's gone.

My perfect angel is gone.

I lean back biting my fist trying to mull over the fact that she's gone.

I pick up her limp body, cradling it to my chest as I slowly rock back and forth. I can't stop the tears that fall, and I don't even try to stop them.

I carry her fragile body over to her bed and lay her down, I tuck some raven hair behind her ear and kiss her forehead. Laying down beside her I wrap my arms and wings around her.

"For so many years I was so terrified to actually tell you about my true feelings. Now I would do anything to go back and have just one day, one day to tell you, how much I love you. I would sacrifice my entire existence just to hear you laugh again." I run my fingers through her hair. "I had so much planned for us, when you turned eighteen I was going to tell you. I was going to declare my everlasting love for you. And we were going to be joined in matrimony, flesh and spirit. We were going to have the most beautiful children. They were all going to look like you. I wanted so much Clarke, so much." I sob.

"Clarke, I-" I can't even find the words, I just lay my head on her chest and cry silently. Desperately missing the best part of me.

I quietly sing to her one last time, ignoring the cracking in my voice.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy, when skies are grey.
You'll never know dear, how much I love you.

A sob escapes me as I sing the last line.

Please don't take, my sunshine away.

A moment of silence goes by and all I feel is emptiness.


I jump when I hear something in her chest, I raise my head and look at her still face. It's just false hope.

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