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Clarke's POV

My eyes flutter open while a sleepy yawn escapes my mouth. I stretch, well try to, Mason's arm is holding me firmly against him. Even in his sleep he is very protective and possessive. Ever since he came back he has been ten thousand percent more protective and clingy than he was before, not that I'm complaining, I'm pretty sure I'm being the same way.

After the night we, you know, I feel much closer to him. There's some sort of deep seeded connection I've never felt before. It's an amazing feeling to literally become one with someone, especially when it's someone you love so dearly.

Over the week while mom and Oliver was gone I just stayed home from school feigning a stomach bug so I could stay with Mason the entire time. And because I was also still a little shaken up about what had happened before...

When I think back on it, trying to kill myself to escape this, demon, was so horrible. I get chills just thinking about how it felt to just be so scared, so desperate, so helpless. I am extremely glad Mason came when he did. He says that God approves of our relationship because only he can bring people back to life and well, he did.

After that night Dominique has gone missing. I feel so bad for Victor because he truly has no idea that 1 he was adopted and 2 his father is an actual demon. He keeps saying that his dad must have gone off on a last minute business trip and that he'll be back any day now.

After I went back to school I informed Mr. Smith that I had found out who it was and that they are gone now. He practically begged that I tell him who it was but I couldn't do it. I don't want anyone treating Victor differently just because of the mistakes his father has made.

I must have scooted while thinking because Mason grunts pulling me closer. A smile crawls it's way on to my face as I wiggle around now facing him. His eyes remain closed, white lashes fanning his tan cheeks. His lips are parted as puffs of air come out with each breath. While I'm watching him he closes his mouth sighing through his nose. He tightens his grip on me while moving to nuzzle his face into the skin below my ear and inhales deeply, even in his sleep he seems to always sniff me, like I'm a fresh baked cookie ready to consume.

I kiss his neck that he had placed close to my face, he stirs slightly but doesn't fully wake up. I smirk against his skin before gently biting the tender flesh. His entire form tenses before relaxing. I lightly lick at the area I just assaulted. His breathing starts picking up and I know I have him.

"What do you think you're doing angel?" Mason murmurs into my neck while shifting so I'm laying underneath him while he hovers over me.

I shrug nonchalantly, "you were squeezing me super tight so I had to wake you." I can feel him smile against my neck before placing a tiny kiss of his own. He pulls his head back looking down at me, "there's other ways to wake me up little one."

I bite my lip to hide the smirk that threatens to make an appearance, "yeah but not nearly as effective as this one."

Mason chuckles above me before leaning down to softly kiss my lips. He lingers trying to deepen the kiss but I turn my head braking it. I ignore the pout on my giant angel, "We have to meet with mom and dad today." I state reminding him of our plans.

"Your parents can wait." He murmurs leaning down fast to greedily capture my lips with his. I try turning my head yet again but he holds me still while tenderly kissing my lips. I whimper pushing at his chest disconnecting our lips with a wet smacking noise. He looks into my eyes smiling innocently down at me.

"We don't have time for cuddling this morning, Mason."

"Do you not want to?" Mason feigns a sad face . "I didn't say that, all I'm saying is-"

"So you do." He smirks leaning down to nuzzle his nose into my neck, humming in content.

I giggle as his curls tickle me. He wraps his wings completely around me cocooning us in warmth. He starts whispering sweet nothings in my ear while running his hand through my hair.

I reach up cupping his face in my hands so I can look into his eyes that gleam with happiness.

"I love you."

"I love you." He breathes.

I notice he never replies 'I love you too' just a simple 'I love you'. It makes it seem that he means it rather than just saying it back. And to me that's so sweet.

He gently leans down connecting our lips in an innocent kiss. After a few moments he pulls away with hooded eyes.

"I love you so, so much." He whispers connecting our foreheads.


We all sit down in a booth at a nice Italian restaurant. Me by dad with mom and Oliver on the other side. I lean my head on dads shoulder enjoying the comfort I receive, he wraps his arm around my waist smiling down at me.

I look back at my menu seeing mom out of the corner of my eye glaring at dad. Moms still mad he approached me, Oliver seems skeptical and protective over me but I think he's trying to have an open mind for my sake.

"So," my mother folds her hands over her menu while sitting up straighter, sticking her chin in the air. "What is the purpose of this, get together?" I can feel Mason trying to comfort me.

I look up at dad while he sucks in a deep breath. "I want to discuss how this," he motions to all four of us, "will work."

My mother scoffs "Well that's easy, Clarke will live with me. And that's final." I shake my head, "Mom I'd like to be able to spend some time with dad too. I mean, the only person I actually see at home is Oliver." I'm surprised to see Oliver nodding along with me.

I reach across and grab moms hand and look into her eyes with sincerity, "Mother I love you, but I also love my dad. And I haven't been able to see him for many, many years. I want to spend time with him, I need to."

Mom jerks her hand from mine holding it to her chest, "I'm moving to England and you're coming with me."

Okay so the book is gonna be a bit longer than I thought but worry not my little readers I still have the plot for a sequel in mind.

Hope you liked it!


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