Eli & Aeryn: Ten

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E: "Do you like video games?"

A: "What?"

E: "Video games. Magical bundles of joy that come in different shapes and sizes. Some in CDs, some in-"

A: "When I say 'what', I don't mean "explain to me the meaning and purpose of said what-ed thing using fancy words."

E: "Well, do you like them?"

A: "I've never played any."

E: "...you've never played any?"

A: "That's what I said."

E: "I will teach you the ways of the Xbox."

A: "Er, no thank you."

E: "Aww, Aeryn, you say that like you have a choice."

A: "Huh?"

E: "Last week we were at your house and you made me draw for you and laughed at me when I failed. Now, at my house, I'm going to make you virtually shoot people and you are going to like it."

A: "But-"

E: "No buts."

A: "Fine."

E: "Okay, so we'll take...this one and put it in the disk slot. Wait for it to load...and there!"

A: "That looks violent."

E: "Don't sound so innocent, you'll love it."

A: "Hm."

E: "Okay, so this button shoots and this button makes you run faster. Got it?"

A: "Is there nothing else?"

E: "Nothing else you need to know. Okay, let's go!"

A: "You're just doing this so you can win and laugh at me for sucking really bad."

E: "That's the plan."

A: "Hm..."

E: "..."

A: "Hah! I got you!"

E: "What?"

A: "I took the shooty thing and shot you in the head and you fell over and died. I thought you knew about shooty things."

E: "Shh!"

A: "Got you again! Seriously, are you going easy on me?"

E: "No."

A: "The bitterness in your voice is deliciously palpable."

E: "It's beginner's luck."

A: "You tell yourself that if it'll help you sleep at night."

E: "..."

A: "Game over! I win!"

E: "..."

A: "I just slammed you to the ground with your own shooty game that I've never played before, you shouldn't be smiling."

E: "You're so excitable, it's adorable."

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