The Hunter Case Unfolding...

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      "This one says Watch your back - The Hunter." I read aloud.
      "Midnight what are you going to do." Marie asks as I gather up the notes and pictures
     "I'm going to go to my dad." and with that I'm off.
      I knock on my dad's office door. "Come in." He says then I push open the door.
     "Hi Dad." I say. He looks ip from his work with a smile.
     "Hey sweetie." He replies. "I have some you might want to look at," I say and put the notes and pictures down in front of him.
     "We figured out that the Hunter is a she and by we I mean Marie and Kat since they were with me when the note started appearing," I explain.   My dad gapes at the notes in shock.  "While you are trying to figure out who she is Im going be upstairs wirh Marie and Kat." I say then I head back to my room. When I back in to the room to find Kat and Marie tied to chairs with cloth tied around their mouths. I gasp and run to them. I untie them quickly.
   "Who did this?" I ask as I engulfed them into a hug.
    "I-I don't know. S-She was w-wearing a m-mask th-that covered h-her entire face." Kat stuttered.
    "The Hunter" is all I said. I sniffed the air but I couldn't pick up a scent. "Damn it!" I spat out, "She masked her scent!" I slam my hands down onto my desk making the wood split in half. Oops?
   "Art. Breathe." Marie tells me, knowing not to tell me to calm down. I took a few deep breathe and my heartbeat decrease along with my anger.
   "I'm going to kill The Hunter when I find her." I swear there was smoke coming out of my nose, thank god I haven't shifted yet or I would of shifted out of rage, Oh dear goddess what if my wolf is over-protective like me? That would be a problem for... well everyone.
    Suddenly a box on the top of my shelf over my desk fell and showed.... scrapbooks? I found a deep purple one with my name written in gold on the front, Then I looked through the box and that my brothers each had one then the last on I saw had The Family on the cover. "Who do you think made all these?" Marie asked. I open the cover on it and see By Madeleine Johnson. My eyes widen, "My mother did..." I open the cover to see a picture of My dad, My Mom and Beck. I flip  the page and I find a picture of when Hunter was born and then one from the day Matt and I were born. I found a picture of Beck, Hunter, Matt and me with elegant handwriting above it saying My Angels.
   I started to tear up, my mom did care about us. I flip the page and see two versions of my mom with me in the middle. "Holy shit. My mom has an identical twin...." "She has a what?!" Kat screams.  "Look! It says girls day with  Artemis, Melody and Madeline.  So Melody is my aunt..." I say astonished. "You have an aunt?" Marie and Kat ask in unison.  "I have an aunt and a mom who cared..." I whisper. I study the picture and I find that the only way to define them is that I could see my dad's mark on my shoulder and my aunt's being bare. "Oh my goddess... Be right back." I tell them before running out of my room. I find who I'm looking for in the living room with her hair in a ponytail, which showed a mark completely different then my mother's, as she whispers urgently into her phone.
     "Hello Aunt Melody." I growl,"You wouldn't know where my mother is would you?"
     She gasps then says to whoever she was talking to "I gotta go." then say turns to me, "You got me my dearest niece." she spat out the last word in digust.
     "Where is my mother!" I scream. "Oh you mean my bitch of a sister? She's in a nice, dark cell with my fellow rouges." She says with an evil glint in her eyes.
     "YOU BITCH!" I scream as I launch myself at her. I knocked over a couch. "You. motherfucking. bitch!" I say punching inbetween words. Suddenly I'm pulled off of her.
    "Artemis STOP!" My dad yells using his alpha tone on me with Beck, Hunter, and Matt behind him. I didnt cower I scream at my aunt "TELL THEM! TELL THEM WHO YOU ARE! TELL THEM WHERE SHE IS YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!" Everyone looks confused. "Look at her mark dad IT ISN'T MOM'S MARK!" I yell at him. He drops me but i'm caught by Beck who digs his claws into my arms drawing blood making me wince slightly.
    My dad turns her head so he can see the mark clearly. "Melody..." He gasps. Beck digs into my arm harder making me scream in pain suddenly making my father turn on his heels to see that Beck has my arms, which hurt like fuck, and blood pouring down them.
   "Artemis!" My dad yells as Beck releases his hold on my arms making me collapse before everything went black.....

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