Chapter 18: Gertrude and Patricia

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"I want my unicorns!" I yelled. "No" they said in unison.

"But why???" I sniffled. "Because we said so" they said at the sane time. I glared at them.

They looked at me, eyes widening. "Please no." Blake begged at the same time Dominic said "Oh don't do it."

I felt my tears coming down my cheeks while I started flailing my arms. I threw a tantrum.

"But I want them, I want them!!!!" I screeched. "I want Patricia and Gertrude!!!" There are the names of my unicorns. Gertrude is a purple unicorn and Patrica is a pink unicorn. From Twaimz.
(He's a you tuber if you didn't know)

They both sighed. "Fine! Shut up!" They yelled. I paused midway, and grinned. Clear in my throat, I dusted off imaginary dirt on my onesie and got up.

"Pleasure doing business with you gentlemen, see ya in five!" I skipped up to my room. Don't worry my babies, I'm coming for you.
"Why do you want them anyways? You're leaving soon, I don't understand." Blake mumbled, flicking the turn signal on.

"I spent enough time without them, I can't anymore! I MUST see them again!" I basically shouted.

"Jeez, no need to yell..." Dominic muttered rubbing his ears.

"I CAN YELL IF I WANT! IT'S A FREE COUNTRYYYY!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs just to piss him off. I like annoying him...

He glared at me. "Maya! Shut up!"

"Not this time, I don't want to dance with you." I grinned slyly. He rolled his eyes.
"Oh my unicorns!! I'm home!" I squealed and opened the car. I ran all the way to my front door and tried to open it. Key word: tried. I twisted the door knob (which was locked) and hit my forehead on the door.

"Owie!" I cried out. Dominic and Blake were snickering behind me but stopped instantly when I glared at them.

Bending down, I lifted up my mat and took out a key. "Dude, that's like the most obvious place to put a key." Blake chuckled.

Rolling my eyes, I placed the key into the hole and unlocked the door. I shivered, it feels so empty, like no one has been here in a while.

Oh wait, silly me. No one HAS been here in a while. "Hurry up sweetheart I'll wait in the car, Dom be with her! I don't want to be stuck in traffic!" I nodded my head and ran upstairs with Dominic behind me..

"Can I just pack a bag?" He nodded his head. "Hurry though"

I grabbed the biggest suit as I could find and retacked all my clothes. That I nearly finished undoing not to long ago. After ten minutes I was done packing.

"Take to car, I'll be out right now." He nodded again, gabbed the suitcase, and left. When I knew he was gone, I grabbed my phone, charger, and Gertrude and Patricia.

"Okay let's go!" I smiled. "I thought you said only your unicorns!" Blake said exasperatedly. I shrugged my shoulders.
"I'm tired from packing, I go sleep now! Boy bye!" I waved and went upstairs.

"But I did most of the work." Dominic mumbled faintly.

"Shut up Dom."

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