Author's POV (Bet you weren't expecting that)

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Dyna's POV

"Do I have to continue my story? I'm tired!!!" I whined. All of my characters glared at me.

"You have gone this far, why quit now?" Maya yelled. I grunted. "But I just wanna chill on my unicorn onesie!"

Maya glared at me. "Do not steal my line!"

"I came up with it you meanie!" I countered.

Dominic placed his hands up.

"Enough! Maya stop, and you!" He pointed at me. I looked around the room. "Wait, me??" I asked pointing to myself.

"Yes! Continue your story! All of us still want to know what happens! Who's the guy? What's the plan? You HAVE to continue!" I crossed my arms over my chest. "What's the magic word?"

He face palmed. "Really?" I nodded my head. "Please?"

"Incorrect." Dominic was about to say something when Maya knocked him out with a bat.

"It's unicorns rule!" She Chirped swinging her bat. Where'd she get it, I don't know.

"C-correct" I stuttered. "Why'd you knock out Dom???" Blake yelled.

She shrugged her shoulders. I cleared my throat. "But i have nothing else to write about!"

Maya raised up the bat to whack me but Blake grabbed it before she could hit me with it. "Just do it. It'd be best for all of us." Blake said.

"Fine I'll think of something. Now get her away from me!" I cried. Maya whispered something in his ear.

"She said she won't go unless you let her get her unicorns from her home."

I rolled my eyes. "Alright, thanks for the idea Maya. Bye!" She nodded at me and walked away while Blake dragged Dominic by the legs.

I wiped my forehead. Until next time my beautiful unicorns!

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