Chapter 20: Female Hulk

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"AND IIIIIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOOOVEE..... FOOOOOD, WILL ALWAYS LOVE..... FOOD!" I sang in a really off key voice.

"Please be quiet." Dom said nicely. Hmmm, weird.

"Please no running, bring the books back." I continued. Dominic and Blake gave me the WTF look.

"Back in elementary school, there was this nice librarian lady who always said, remember to please be quiet, please no running, bring the books back, take good care of them" I explained.

"Makes sense." Blakey said. I yawned and got up from the couch.

"Welp I'm gonna go nap now."

Dom looked at me, "You just woke up." I shrugged my shoulders.

"You sleep to much." He said.

I glared at him, "You breathe to much!" And with that, I stomped up the stairs and took a nap.

Dominic's POV

I watched Maya stomp her way upstairs. I sighed and sunk deeper into the couch. The nice, soft, comfy couch.... *closes eyes*


I jolted wake, "What happened? Who died? Was it Maya?! Noooo!!!"

Blake gave me an are you serious look. "I was just gonna say to stop pressing against the couch, you might suffocate yourself if you go deeper." I snickered, that sounded wrong in so many ways.... 'Your disgusting'. I know, I'm sorry.

Blake slapped me on the head. "Ow what was that for?!" I whined.

"I know that look you disgusting dirty minded person!" He glared.

I scoffed, "like you haven't thought wrong before."

He blushed. I pointed at his face, "exactly"

"But you have a way dirtier mind!"

We both glared at each other. "Loser" we said that the same time. Our eyes widened.


"Double jinx!!"

"Triple jinx!!!"

"Quadruple jinx!!!!"


We huffed. "It's a tie" I said, sticking out my hand.

"Agreed" He nodded and shook my hand.

"WHO DARES INTERRUPTS MY SLEEP?!!" Blake and I look at each other. 'Run' He mouthed.

I nodded my head and we dashed to the kitchen. "WHERE ARE YOU?" Maya growled.

I gulped. I heard her enter the kitchen. I looked at Blake. 'We make a run for the stairs' I mouthed

He gave me a confused look. 'What'

I face palmed and repeated it slower. He gave me a thumbs up. One, two, thr-

"FOUND YOU!!!" She yelled jumping out from the corner holding a sharp knife. Yikes....

We yelled and made a run for the stairs. When we reached the top I motioned for Blake to go down the hall and enter the last room. She can't suspect that.

"What about you?" He asked.

"I'll be there." I heard Maya jogging slowly up the stairs.

I motioned him to go while I ran to my room. I locked it from the inside and then closed the door so it would seem like I am in there. I did the same for Blakes.

There. I ran back down the hall and knocked lightly on the door.

He opened the door just in time Maya came to the top out of breath. "Why do they have long stairs. I feel like I ran a marathon! No wonder why they're fit. With six packs and shiz"

I chuckled. She's adorable except when you get her angry. Don't. Get. Her. Angry. She's like a female hulk.

Maya's POV

"Eh, whatever, I m going back to sleep!" I yelled and walked back to my room. What? I'm to lazy to look for them. Plus the beds really comfy especially the pillow.

Just thinking of it make me want to pass out on the floor. I jumped in bed and snuggled with the pillow.

Mmmm, so soft! I love this pillow. To bad I'll be leaving tomorrow.... I was about to drift off to sleep when I jolted awake. I'M LEAVING TOMORROW!!!!!

And I never told Dominic I liked him yet. I'm to embarrassed to. Just thinking about it makes me want to hide in a blanket.

I guess I never will.....

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