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                  Mason's POV

Ring ring ring

Clarke groans as her phone won't shut up. A deep chuckle resounds from my chest as I nudge her cheek with my nose, "you might wanna get that, it could be important."

She reaches over and grabs her phone. "Hello?" She asks in a cute morning voice.

"Hey Clarke!" Oh its Dylan. "I was wondering if you had any plans today?"

"No none that I can think of, why?"

"Well, Max has been going crazy since you were here last, he keeps nagging me to have you over again." Who's Max? He better not like Clarke.

"Sure thing, we'll be over in a bit." She looks over at me.

"We?" I hear Dylan ask through the line.

"Oh uh, I meant me." She chuckles nervously. "Oh right, well I'll see ya then, bye pumpkin." The line goes dead.

She crawls on top of me placing her hands on my chest while straddling my hips. "We're going to Dylan's today, you'll love his little brother."  She wiggles trying to get comfortable causing my member to become alert.

I grip her hips to stop her from moving, hoping she won't notice how hard I am. I've been dying to make love to her again, it felt so... amazing. As soon as we first connected I felt closer to her than I ever have before. I worry though because I don't want Clarke to think I only want sex out of her, she's so much more than that. Although I do need to mark her soon, once I mark her during our love making she will be immortal as well. And I need her to be safe.

My eyes widen when Clarke places her hands on my shoulders and starts rocking back and forth on me. "Are you even listening? Listen to me!" she giggles.

I try to hold her still but she starts bouncing on me. The little innocent thing has no idea what she's actually doing. I throw my head back and groan causing her to stop her movements and cover her mouth. "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hurt you!" She rushes out.

I open my eyes and sit up wrapping my arms around her waist and hold her so close that our chests are pressed up against each other's and our lips are almost touching. I gaze deeply into her eyes trying so hard not to take her. "You didn't hurt me angel." I let out an uneven breath right before I connect our lips. She pulls away quickly, "I have morning breath-"

"I don't care." I groan smashing my lips back to hers. She whimpers against my mouth only enticing me further. I growl flipping us so I'm laying on top of her and start kissing down her neck. My mouth searches every dip and crevice looking for one thing, and when she moans I know I've found it. I suck, lick and nip and her special spot located on her delicate collar bone. She moans threading her fingers through my hair, arching up into me.

I slide my hands up under her shirt, breathing heavily. I'm not going to make love to her but I am going to show her how good I can make her feel.

"Angel, I'm going to show you something you've never felt before." I murmur as I kiss down her body.


When Clarke knocks on Dylan's door we hear a muffled screech. Clarke turns toward where She knows Im standing and makes a weird face. Dylan opens the door seeming out of breath, "Hey Clarke." He smiles and looks down when a little boy pushes past him. He runs up to Clarke's legs, wrapping his tiny arms around them in a hug. She pushes him away only to crouch down and give him a proper hug. He giggles into her shoulder while squeezing even tighter, I smile down at my little angel.

After he pulls away Dylan gives Clarke a hug himself before they walk in. "Victor." Clarke smiles giving him a hug as well. "Yeah I figured I'd have the whole gang over." Dylan smiles wrapping his arm around Victor's shoulder playfully.

While the guys get caught up in discussing who's taller I get lost Watching Clarke talk to the little boy. "Who wants pizza?" Dylan asks clasping his hands together.

The whole time we're here this Max kid would not let go of her, he had to be touching her in some way. He was either holding her hand, hugging her leg or even touching her hair. I can't say I blame him, that's basically how I am all the time, although, today I just sit back and watch. I watch how she holds him when he asks her to and how she cuddles him to her chest in a sweet embrace. When they watched some movie thing called Toy Story he sat right on her lap, absentmindedly playing with her hair. And when he eventually fell asleep on her she didn't try to get him off or lay him down somewhere else, no she simply wrapped a blanket over him and ran her fingers through his curls, placing a small kiss on his head.

All I can think about is how good of a mother she is going to be.

I can't wait for her to be impregnated with my seed, for her abdomen to swell with my child, our child. To raise this beautiful being that was created out of pure love, together.

There's nothing more I want.

In this moment, I know it's time. And I can hardly wait.


"Hey Oliver!" Clarke yells as soon as we walk in the front door. She drops her purse on the floor while shrugging off her jacket.

"Oliver?" She calls again walking up to his bedroom door. She pushes the door open, "Hey what's wrong?"

Oliver is sat on the end of their bed with his elbows on his knees, he stands up when Clarke walks in wiping his eyes. "Clarke, we need to talk."

"What's going on?" Oliver remains silent as he grasps her hand gently leading her into the living room.

"Oliver you're scaring me." She furrows her brows, I place my hand on her shoulder letting her know that I am here for her.

She sits on the couch while Oliver sits on the table across from her, he leans down to her level looking into her eyes with holding her hands in his. "Your mother left."

Clarke looks confused for a moment before letting out a nervous laugh, "I know, I was here when she did." Oliver shakes his head, "No sweetheart, she left, for England."

Clarke's eyes widen and she leans back into the couch looking off into nothing. Oliver moves to sit beside her, rubbing her knuckles with his thumbs, "S-she left a note. She said that your dad could..."

"Could what?" She finally looks at him.

Oliver gulps before finishing, "She said he could have you." I can see the heart brake in her eyes. Even though she has a rotten mother Clarke still loved her, and for awhile she was the only person she had, that she knew of.

Oliver pulls Clarke to his chest, petting her hair. "I'm so sorry sweetheart, I'm so sorry." He whispers into her hair.

My poor baby.

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