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                     Clarke's POV

I place my hand over my mouth to quiet my giggles as I hide behind the tree.

The past month has been rough but it's gotten considerably better, thanks to four great men in my life, and especially my angel.

After mom left I didn't talk for awhile. Mason would hold me close and beg me to just say one word, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. When a couple days passed I finally decided I needed to get over this. So I moved on, it still hurts but I'm not going to dwell on it.

Apparently the house was in mom's name so she just put it up for sale, not even caring what would happen to me and Oliver. Dad ended up buying the house and moving in with us. Oliver asked dad if he wanted him to move out but he insisted Oliver stay, he said that he was my father when I needed one.

I love how they both get along so well, I'm so blessed to have two dads.

I noticed dad would get a phone call and leave the room or smile down at his phone randomly, and he never accepted any work calls when he was with me so I knew something was up. After nagging him about it I found out he is dating a woman, he was worried it would be overbearing for me but I was ecstatic. It's not like I was hoping him and mom would get back together, they were horrible together.

Mom and Oliver finalized their divorce, so there's nothing attached there.

I still feel horrible for Victor because his dad is still yet to return. Dominique actually put the house, car and everything in Victor's name so it's obvious he's not coming back. I know it's getting to Victor. He won't admit it but it is.

And that brings me to my angel who is currently searching for me. He just gets sweeter everyday. Since he came back he's been clingy, which is to be expected but as of recent his clingyness has taken a tender turn. Don't get me wrong, he's always been tender but it's... different.

When we're doing something together he'll just stare at me with adoration, or when I'm in my room he'll give me a soft massage, he's always caressing me. He even went to the extent of literally cradling me like a baby in his soft wings, lifting my shirt and fluttering kisses on my stomach. I notice he pays a lot of attention to my stomach and I'm not sure why.

I hear a crunch sound close to me and try to quiet my breathing. Another one is hear even closer. I try to quietly shuffle farther between the bush and tree when all of a sudden I'm jerked up into the air. I squeal hiding my face in Mason's chest as he flys us out of the forest, up above the trees.

I feel us land and slowly pull from Mason's warmth looking at where we're at, we're on the bluff he took me to right before he left. I look up at him to see him doing that staring thing again, he leans down to my ear and whispers,
"Found ya."

A shiver runs down my spine as he chuckles into my neck. He gently pulls me back into his chest wrapping his wings around us.

"So is this our spot?" I shyly ask picking at his sweater. He sighs deeply in content, running his nose up my neck causing goosebumps to erupt, "This is our spot."

He pulls away, retracting his wings from me. He holds my small hands in his extremely large ones while looking down at me intensely, "You know I love you right?" He whispers.

"Of course I know Mason, you tell me multiple times a day." I chuckle placing a kiss on his cheek. "And I love you too."

He emits a genuine smile, "So you don't plan on making me leave anytime soon?" He chuckles nervously. I shake my head grinning at my sweet angel, "No, in fact it would be okay with me if you stayed for quite awhile." I rub his hand with my thumb.

His smile gone as he lets out an uneven breath, "Good." He breathes while getting on one knee. I place my hand on my mouth while he keeps ahold of my other one.

"Clarke, I've known for, well, years now, that you are the one for me." He starts off, his breath as visible in the cold weather as his nervousness. "Everyday it becomes more and more clear to me, it's you. It's always going to be you. And I don't want anyone else.  Before I met you I decided that humans were all heartless souls looking for what's best for them and them only, and then I met you. You saw the good in everyone, in me. I know in the human race it's customary for the male to present a ring, so I have done just that." He reaches into his pocket bringing a small box out, opening it. "Clarke Archer, will you be my angel, my joy, my love, my life, the very breath I breathe, the mother of my children, will you marry me?" He breathes out, desperation and anxiety clear in his voice, gold eyes shining.

Tears brim my eyes as I nod reaching down to hug him, he meets me halfway picking me up and spinning me around, "Yes!" I whisper into his ear. He pulls away placing the ring on my finger. He leans down wiping my tears away, "don't cry my love." He whispers right before kissing me. The kiss holds nothing but unconditional love and devotion to one another. He pulls away resting his forehead on mine.

"One more thing." He states slowly pulling away from me. He pulls a necklace out of his pocket showing it to me. "In heaven, when angels get married they wear necklaces that fit together. Each set is different, and they are all created by God, he actually makes them when we are born. This is ours." He holds up a dainty gold chain with a symbol hanging off of it. He reaches in the neck of his sweater and pulls his out linking them together. He smiles at me and then pulls them apart, motioning for me to turn around.

I can't help but smile while he latches it together behind my neck, when he's done I run my fingertips down the chain to the emblem still smiling.

Everything feels right. This is right.

I turn around to see Mason with the same smile on his face, I reach up and hug him again.

"I love you."




I can't believe we're only one chapter away and this book will be done!

I've been having trouble with this chapter that's why it took so long. I'll get the next one out hopefully soon.

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