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Mason's POV

{ One year later }

I stand beside the priest with fidgeting hands. I look over at Dylan and Victor giving them a nervous smile while they just chuckle at me.

Since I proposed to Clarke we decided it would be best if I took my human form and courted her, with her fathers approval of course. About a week later we staged an 'accidental' meeting. Her, Oliver and her father all went to a coffee shop where we 'accidentally' bumped into each other. After, I would come over to visit or just hang out. Roger and Oliver were leery at first but they ended up likening me, well they liked me enough to allow me to ask for her hand.

To be honest I loved getting to court her, everyday I just fell deeper and deeper in love with her, I quite like this human tradition.

Dylan places his hand on my shoulder, "Here she comes."

The music begins as everyone rises and my heartbeat accelerates.

This is it. I will finally have what I have wanted for so long, the only thing I have ached for. Clarke will me mine, and I hers.

The double doors slowly open and my eyes meet the shining emerald of my love's.

I faintly hear Dylan tell me to close my mouth but my attention is one hundred percent on her. She looks up at me with the hugest grin but looks down blushing when she sees me watching her every move. She looks so beautiful, her raven hair is framing her perfect face and the dress that adorns her figure fits in all the right ways.

As she's about half way down the isle tears come to my eyes and all I can do I smile.

I am so blessed.

She makes it up to the alter with her father on one arm and Oliver on the other. They hand her off to me as I hastily take hold of her soft hands. I quickly remember the tears on my face and try to wipe them but she reaches up and does it for me.

I don't hear a word the priest is saying as I lean my face into her hand and just take her in. She smiles up at me with the warmest love.

"Mason!" The priest calls. I look over at him wide eyed as the crowd chuckles.

"Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" I look down at Clarke and squeeze her hand, "I do."

"And do you, Clarke take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?" He looks over at Clarke.

"I do." I let out a breath of relief as the words pass her red lips.

The priest slaps his book shut with a smile, "I now pronounce you, husband and wife, you may kiss your bride."

I don't hesitate to gently place my hand on the back of her head and the other on her waist pulling her closer as I claim her lips as well as her heart.

I feel whole.

The crowd fades away as I feel her kiss me back with such a tender grace, such love.

It's just me and Clarke in the whole room.

A couple years ago I thought this would never happen, that this was just a dream of mine. What I wanted was impossible, or so I thought.

It ends up that if you work towards what you want, and be patient, even the impossible can happen.

I can now live forever with a genuine smile on my face because of the woman at my side.

Out of every good thing I have ever done, the greatest thing I have ever done, and ever will do,

is guarding her.

The End.

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