Chapter 38: In which I know

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Autumn killed the summer

with the softest kiss


"Waakkee uppp

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"Waakkee uppp."

I feel a distortion in my body.

The voice is there.

But it's far away, muffled like it's being shouted down several halls.

"Waakkee uppp!"

It's being sung. Almost in a sing song sort of way. As if the person who is calling for me is happy.


Like nothing would make their day more if I were to open my eyes.

"Waaakkkeeeeeeee uuuuupppppp!"

The cold hard jolt of pain hitting my cheek has me gasping, eyes blinking wildly and shivering as I take in the scene before me.


Darkness lit up only by the barest light as a man stands, grinning before me.



"SSsshhhh shhhh hush now little Fayette."

The man grins down at me.

He is, by far, the most normal male I have ever seen.

Brown hair, with matching brown eyes. There is nothing about him- not his clothing, features or stance, that is unique or that stands out.

"Who are you."

He smiles down at me, delighted somehow by the question.

"That's the real question isn't it."

He walks closer, taking me in more as he flicks on several more lights.

I gasp when I see my work- laid out in tables before me.

All my instruments and journals, unharmed and there.

I make the motion to move forward, but am stopped at the cold metal I feel upon my wrist.



My head flicks up, fear now running through me.

"Who are you."

He laughs and shakes his head.

"I'm no one."

I take a step back, pressing myself against the wall as he comes closer.

I can almost feel his breath upon me.

"Please," the cry leaves my mouth before I can even think of what, I am begging for.

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