Chapter 39: In which a Deal is Made

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It's hard to wake up from a nightmare, 

if you aren't even asleep

I stay numb against the wall for hours

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I stay numb against the wall for hours.

Trying to process the unraveling of my life.

A lie.

It had all been a lie.

Because of what?

Because I had created something to save my father from his mind?

Because I was a lost little girl back then, desperately seeking love?


The door opens to reveal the man.

Still nameless.

I don't move as he comes closer.

He gently grabs my waist, pulling me up as he props me against the wall.

"Now now little Fayette, don't give up on me just yet."

I'm shaking.

Shaking as he hands squeeze my waist, letting air slowly ease it's way, painfully out.

"What do you want from me."

He smiles down at me, "I had to take you away before the little Prince could find out! You still haven't thanked me yet for that."

I don't say a word as he sighs and continues, "It was very hard to wait for you. Almost four months in and you still had not created a single thing."

He smiles then, his teeth revealing small fangs that should not have been on him.

I shake my head, "Why."

"Why what little Fayette?"

"Why would you..."

I can't even find the words.
"Do this? Capture you? Or do you mean turn myself?"

He shrugs, "You don't know because you've never taken advantage of the power you have. You're weak."

I shudder at his words.

"The power," he raises a hand, flexing it as small claws extend from his nails.

He looks down at me and smiles, "The power is something that I should not have to explain to you."

I just stand there, shaking and refusing his words.

"All this for power?"

"Lives have been lost, for simpler things little Fayette."

He grabs me then, pushing me roughly towards the table.

"Finish it. I know you were close. So do what you need to do and finish it."

I stare up at him.

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