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*So this happened... yeah well I'll expand my writing to more fandoms I know about and love. Hope you spawns enjoy


+Some Time in the Future in London+

"Supplies are all counted and the systems are running smoothly Edd. I made sure to check in with scientists beforehand on the new weapons which are processing at a good pace."

Edd smiled and patted his friend on the shoulder. "Thanks Tom, at this rate we'll be ready to defend the base more securely if it's ever found." The brunet looked down at the stack of papers before him.

Being one of the leaders of the rebellion is hard work, but for a good cause. His friend Tom is one of those leaders, as well as Matt who handled most of the supplies department and uniform unit.

"You okay Edd?" Tom asks walking close to the front of the man's desk. "Maybe you should take a break."

Edd rolls his eyes knowing where this conversation was going to again. "I'm fine Tom really. I don't need you going into mother hen mode again." He remembered a few years ago, after the incident, Tom had somehow developed a motherly side like he once had. He still had it, but not as serious as Tom. It grew, even more, when the rebellion was first formed.

Tom placed his hands on his hips. "I'm not mothering Edd, I'm concerned as a friend." He says crossing his arms over his chest.

Edd chuckles and nods, "Whatever you say Tom."

A knock sounds against the door and Tom opens it to see Matt. "Hey Matt."

"Hey Tom, I got word from one of the trainees that they need you in the training area. She said one of the soldiers broke their leg." Matt informs his blue wearing friend.

"One of the trainees!" Tom is quick to rush past Matt to head straight to the training area of the base.

Leaving Matt and Edd in Edd's office in silence. Matt let's out a small laugh to get the silence out. "Tom sure has changed, but still the same."

Edd laughs too, eyes moving to look at his ginger hair friend. "Yeah... Tom really has that mothering side of him down." He gets out of his seat and moves to the side of the room where photos of them from the past were lined up on a long drawer. He holds his hands behind his back as he looks at one photo sadly.

Matt walks over to him and looks at the photo Edd's eyes are on. His expression softens at the sight.

Four men in the photo had their arms around each other smiling all together which was rare. They looked so happy and lively. Purple hoodie with a green overcoat, a green hoodie, a blue hoodie, and a red hoodie.

"If I could change one thing in my life, it would be to never have this future," Edd says picking the framed photo up.

Matt puts a hand on Edd's shoulder in comfort. "We can't mess with the past Edd, even with the time travel devices it could cause different problems."

"I know." Edd sadly says. "The only thing we can do now is hope for a brighter future for the world.


A man sitting behind his large, dark oak desk went over his presentation for his meeting today. He smiled and leans back in his chair, taking a drag of his cigar. Just as he let out the smoke, a knock is heard from the door.


The door open to reveal two of his most trusted soldiers. They saluted him formally before bringing their hands back to their side.

"It's time to head out Red Leader. The plane is all set to head to the meeting location." A man with thick eyebrows told him.

"We also put your soldiers on standby just like you ordered." The other man, taller than the first, adds with confirmation.

"Thank you, Paul, Patyrk." He gets up from his seat and walks over to them after picking up his holopad with his presentation inside. "Let's move. I want to start this meeting to start as soon as possible." He smirks as he walks out before them. Paul and Patryk follow right behind him.

They make it to the hanger where his plane is waiting. Two lines of Red Army soldiers are lined up to greet him.

"Red Leader, we wish you good luck with your meeting!" The soldiers exclaim with a firm salute to their leader.

Red Leader nods slightly and enters the airplane. Paul and Pat enter after him and take their seats in front of the plane.

"This is Paul, turning all plane functions on," Paul says after putting on his headset.

"This is Patryk, waiting for the clear signal to take off." He says looking out the big window at the soldiers outside.

The soldiers outside open the hanger doors and one soldier are motioning them to move out of the hanger.

Paul drives the plane out while Tord enters the back door to a room for passengers. He sits down and goes over his presentation to make sure everything is perfect again.

"This is Greg speaking, you are all clear to take off. I repeat, all clear to take off." The soldier down below confirms to Patryk on the headset.

Patryk shows Paul a thumbs up and the man puts full power into the engine. Soon enough they're in the air heading to the location of the English Government in England.

"If all goes well, they'll take my deal." Red Leader smirks devilishly.

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