Chapter 42: In Which I Cure

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You cannot destroy me. 

I destroy me. 

"Little Fayette!"

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"Little Fayette!"

The nameless man walks in, a smile on his face that soon disappears as he takes me in.

"What's wrong."

I must really look bad if even my captor is concerned.


He laughs, "I know that."

I shake my head, "you seem to know all about me, so you must know why I made x-bane in the first place."

He stills, his face growing hard as he takes in my words.

"What do you mean."

It's my turn to smile now as I lean back in my chair.

The power of knowledge.

"Do you know why I made x-bane?"

"You father was a lunatic?"

"But why?"

His brown eyes evaluate me. Such bland color. I've seen brown eyes that were beautiful. Beautiful because the person made them so. But this man. His eyes were just brown. Like mud. Like dirt. Nothing extraordinary stuck out about them.

Some would be sad about this fact.

I have a feeling though, that it was the reason why he was so happy.

Because it allowed him to become like shadows.

"His life mate died."

I nod.

He steps closer, "What do you mean, when you say you are sick?"

I open my hand and reveal the red I didn't bother to wipe away.

"I'm sick."

He grabs it and growls, "This can't be happening."

I feel a small thrill at his words.

This wasn't going according to his plan.

His beautiful plan that he had taken years to accomplish and perfect.

Years of effort and work.

Going down the drain now because of a few red drops.

"It will happen fast. Maybe a month or two from now."

His eyes flash up at me. Those boring brown eyes.


I shake my head, "I can't cure this and-,"

He laughs, "I don't care if you die little Fayette. Just a pawn, remember? But you care," he grins then, "about your little friends?"




I sigh as I realize he was right.

"You are already gone. But you can still save your friends."

I nod.

So now I was under even more of a deadline.

"Tomorrow I'll bring another."

"It hasn't been a week."

He smiles, "O well."

I feel raw and pure hatred for this man.

I want to lash out.

Hit him.

I feel, to my surprise, claws, painfully and slowly form upon my hand.

He laughs, "Finally finding your teeth little Fayette. To bad you'll lose them soon."

And with those departing words he leaves.

But true to his statement, the next day he brings another male for me.

They all make the same plea as they beg me not to do it.

I grit my teeth and get on with it.

The faster the better.

No need to prolong the suffering.

This time though, the begging continued as the man laid crying on the floor.

The nameless man stepped forward, "Gerald...what do you feel?"

I'm shaking as he raises his head, "I feel weak."

He moans his despair and that is when I realize the truth.

It worked.

It worked.

"Very good Gerald."

Before I can react the nameless man is on him, his hands around his neck as he twists it out of place.

I fall back and out of my chair, screaming as I push myself away.


He laughs at my expression.

"Who knows."

I cry as he lifts the body and throws it in the corner with the others.

The smell is something i've become used to.

But it's something no one should become used to.

"Now your job is different little Fayette."

I look up with tear stained eyes as he grins down at me.

"Write down how you did it. And make as much as you can before you leave me for good."


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