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Time was speeding up as the days past and soon it was the middle of March. Colin and I were even closer, if that is even humanly possible. We spent everyday together and most nights. He was easily my best friend.

Hannah came into my room on the second Saturday and grinned brightly, "We're going dress shopping for Prom today."

I groaned and rolled my eyes as I picked up my book to carry it downstairs. Colin had hockey practice for playoffs next week so I was without him for a few hours today. Might as well get something productive done.

"Fine." I sighed when we reached the kitchen, which is where everyone else was, not including Tommy who was at practice.

"Really?" She squealed and gave me a quick hug before turning to my mother, "She said yes! Get ready we leave in thirty." And she took off.

My mother smiled at her and then at me. "I'll go get ready then."

I could tell that my mother was pleased, she was even more so that I wasn't attending with Colin but she hasn't said anything about it since I told her Spencer asked me.

My dad grinned at me too as I took my seat. "You made your mother really happy, your sister too."

"I know." I gave him a small smile as I lifted my book up so I could read and he chuckled as his eyes flickered back to his paper.

The silence was golden, even Chris was quiet, which was unusual. I looked at him from under my lashes so he wouldn't think I was staring. He had dark circles under his eyes and his hair unkempt. His eyes look glazed as he stared at the same spot on the table he'd been looking at for ten minutes.

"Are you okay?" I asked Chris, my heart hurting for him as I remembered that his mate had refused him.

"Huh?" He asked, jerking in his seat as he blinked rapidly but his eyes still looked dead, "Yeah no. I'm good."

"Chris." I sighed, "Please just talk-."

"No." His tone was harsh as he cut me off, "I already told you, I picked you."

"But you're hurting Chris. I hate seeing you like this." I whinned. "Really I don't mind you picking her over me."

Hurt flashed across his eyes before he spoke again, "You'd rather not see me then?"

"I'd rather see you happy than a dead shell." I told him my eyes pleading with his to understand my meaning. "I love you Chris. Please, please be happy."

He sighed and flicked his toast back onto his plate. He glared down at it for a minute and then looked up at me, "Your heart is so pure Kat. I don't deserve a sister like you."

"Of course you do." I laughed, "You're way better than I could ever hope to be. You stuck by me when I'm sure not many people would."

Shaking his head he smiled, "Love you Kit Kat."

Giggling I said, "Love you to Chrissy."


Hannah dragged me to the dressing room with my mother following behind us carrying about a dozen different dresses. I groaned as I looked at the first dress, I hadn't pick them out at all.

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