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The coming weeks after Gabriel's death was one of bubbling fear and anger. The attacks of the rogues had stopped which gave the pack room to breathe but also to question why it had stopped as suddenly as it'd begun. The anger from the attacks were spurred on from the knowledge that, in only a few days, the Alpha would bring in 220 new members.

Leanna was having trouble mediating agitated pack members and soothing Vincent and his wolf. He'd grown an increasingly short temper and had already thrown three people into the basement cells. She didn't know what to do anymore. Everything was in chaos and there just seemed to be no end to it at all. 

It was all Leanna could think about as she left the pack house, needing a peace of mind from the anger and tension in the pack house. The weather was cool, hinting at the incoming winter. She took in a deep breath, attempting to clear everything in her head and focus on the scenery. Her wolf knew it was dangerous to wander outside alone, even if the attacks had stopped, but she needed peace and quiet and would find none of that near the pack.

Her feet led her without a destination, her eyes glancing over the blooming flowers and the grass that tickled her feet and felt familiar. The relief of being with nature again after being inside for so long nearly made her weep.

Vincent refused to even let her step out onto the porch anymore for safety reasons and insisted she be with someone if she absolutely had to.

But, dealing with the issue of where to place over two hundred wolves was distracting him, and allowed her some room to breathe.

Her wolf was whimpering at the thought of him because, despite giving her protection, she hadn't seen him much anymore. He couldn't make time for her in his hectic schedule and between both of them meeting with pack members separately to resolve issues, it was difficult.

Shaking her head, she pushed away that matter for later and focused solely on her walk, noticing that she'd ended up walking to the creek she never got to visit anymore. And the last time she'd come, it was a picture of horror.

She shuddered and sat down, placing her feet in the cool water leaning back on her hands, the fading sun warming her skin.

Several minutes of peace passed before she felt it. The uneasy feeling she'd been sensing for several weeks now, coming and going as abruptly as it'd started.

Only this time, she felt actual eyes.

"Who's there?" she called out, feeling ridiculous as she glanced around, finding nothing wrong with the scene before her, but a sense of dread filling her so deeply, her hands began to sweat.

Standing, Leanna did her best to remain composed, keeping her head high as she started back the way she came, the feeling slowly crushing her.

"I'm Luna to this pack. You are making a mistake if you trespass," she called out, the fear slipping into her voice as she sped up.

The sound of something rustling had her feet moving fast, breaking out into a full-on run as she dodged low-hanging branches, the sound of footsteps now clear.

She was being followed.

The house was just barely in view and it was only then that it occurred to her just how far away the creek was.

A growl sounded and the breath was hot on her neck. Feeling helpless, she held her hand out toward the house as she was tackled down to the ground, her scream swallowed by the dirt. Hands gripped her neck, her body pressed down by a much heavier one.

"Luna," a voice growled hoarsely, her wolf whimpering in fear and anger, attempting to come out.

But she was frozen. In that moment, she felt less than a wolf and more like a human. Frozen in shock and fear. Any wolf would fight and shift but the paranoid feeling she'd been experiencing came full force as he whispered,

"It's been so hard to find you. You don't leave the house anymore."

She let out a muffled scream, trying to get Vincent. Their bond should've alerted him. He said so himself, a bond with an Alpha was stronger than most. 

The mark.

Until he marked her, the communication functioned the same as any pack member. Any he'd no doubt be consumed with over five hundred voices.

She kept calling to him and struggled, summoning her courage.

You are a Luna, dammit. You can do this, Lea, she thought.

It was hard to fight her fear but she grabbed hold of her wolf and snarled, kicking off her attacker. She'd caught him by surprise as he hissed in pain and flew back a few feet. Climbing to her feet, Leanna stared at the mysterious man.

She didn't recognize him at all. He was a tall man, stocky, with a disfiguring scar across his eye to his nose, a strange scar on his neck hidden by his shirt.

"Why are you following me?" she growled, the wolf slipping through, feeling her eyes begin to darken.

He smiled widely, "Why not? The price on your head is a big one."

The confusion must've been obvious as he laughed darkly and said, "Why, Luna, aren't you aware that the most dangerous rogue is looking for you? If I bring you back, he'll give give me the position of second. Now, come home little Luna."


He seemed to have had enough of the conversation as he ignored her question and attacked, snarling and slashing at her with his claws. She moved back but was hit in the shoulder, the pain quick, the blood running down her arm quickly. 

Her wolf took over completely and she howled, running at him and jumping, landing on his chest and knocking him down, biting down and taking a chunk of his neck.

"You little bitch!" he growled violently, knocking her off, the blood spraying everywhere, his blood on her chin and teeth as she smiled wickedly.

Her wolf had never completely taken over and she was bloodthirsty.

"New plan. I'll bring your corpse to your mate and I'll kill him too," he grinned viciously and shifted completely, his wolf seven feet tall with a dark coat and sharp teeth.

He let out a roar so deafening she stumbled and took his chance, knocking into her chest and sending her flying twenty feet into a far tree.

Pain exploded through her chest and back, letting her know that a few ribs had been broken. She ignored it and shifted, running at him and biting deep into his belly. With her smaller size, she was able to get under easier, and slashed her claws into him as well, his pained howls echoing.

Someone must've heard that. Vincent must've heard that.

As she tossed him aside, she heard the sound of pounding feet coming from the pack house. Anger burned so deep within her, it was unnerving as she shifted back as well as the intruder. He was weak, his arms across his stomach as he attempted to unsuccessfully stand. She turned, looking for the pack members and felt a searing pain.

She screamed in agony, a silver blade protruding from her thigh as she fell against a tree. The rogue smiled at her through his blood, his eyes red.

"Little Luna, there are going to find you," he muttered, chuckling as he gave into his wounds, passing out.

She growled and limped toward the treeline, meeting the pack, being lead by Vincent, her eyes black and glowing.

I know it's definitely been too long. I do hope you enjoy this chapter because it got very intense and I got very into it. I've been trying to show a dangerous side ot Leanna and a lot more will be revealed after this!

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