~ chapter 5 ~

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Day 2

Kane's POV (district 12)

I sit on a log by myself. It was my turn to stay up, to wait for Joven. Damien and Finn were asleep, and I was left alone with my thoughts.

I ponder about my family. I think about my dad, he was so tall and intimidating, he would do anything for me. My mother, sweet and plump. She'd bake treats for anyone in need. My older brother, Darren, who had just turned 19, the age where you don't have to be in the reaping anymore, who was tall like my father and had a passion for sports. I remember my little sister, Reya, who told me last week just how much she wanted to be an artist when she grew up, and that she was going to draw me.


"Kaney! Kaney!" Reya screams. "What? I'm coming!" I say. I turn around and she shows me a paper with a full background and scribbles.

I could tell what the 4 year old meant to draw. I could see the brown making out my dark skin tone, my black-to-blue faded hair, and a blue dress. She drew me.

"It's beautiful. Thank you for drawing me, Hun." I say, hugging her. "Wait, here." I say, grabbing a picture frame out of a drawer. I carefully place her picture in it and hand it to her. "Go place it on the mantle, so that everyone can see how good you are." I tell her.

I see her face light up with excitement as she rushes off.

*End of flashback*

I was zoned back in by the sound of a twig snapping. I whip around to see two people sprinting, one in tow. I see the front one fall over a root, and the back one holding a knife.

"Gah- my ankle!" One of them, who I know is Keirsten whines. "D-Don't try to st-steal from us!" The other one, Olivia, stutters. She holds out the knife as if she was going to stab her, until I grip my knife and intervene. "Leave her alone!" I hiss.

Olivia's eyes fill with tears and her face scrunches in fear. She runs off, and I look down to Keirsten.

"You alright?" I say. "Yeah, thanks." She replies blankly. "I have some meds at my camp, if ya need 'em." She looks down at her foot. "Alright."

We start headed to my camp, which was in a nearby bush.

Noah's POV (district 6)

As I'm walking through the forest, my team trailing behind me, I start to jog ahead. I am dying of thirst, and so is everyone else.

I pause, and it's silent. I hear the others walking to catch up, but I also hear something spectacular. A fucking stream. I sprint towards it and it's not some pansy-ass stream like I was thinking, it's a river!

I gasp in delight and get my water purifier, and I start loading water into my bottle.

The others catch up and gasp in astonishment. "This is amazing, Noah!" Lynne muttered. Wes and Ian quickly went to work at purifying more water, while Shayne and Lynne picked nearby oranges.

"We're so lucky!" Ian exclaims, "We're safe here for now." I bet our alliance will win! Wait...

Someone from our alliance will win. Hopefully.

Everyones bottles are full and we gather near the tree Lynne and Shayne were picking oranges at. "We have a good stash. Let's split it up for everyone." Shayne suggests.

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