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+Patrol Area+

Tom let his soldiers go off in their groups to their appointed patrol post. Any Red Army soldiers are to be captured, interrogated back at the base, and then mindwiped of being captured. The Clean Up team would transport the capture to a far-off location away from the base and come back. No big deal.

"Blue you okay?"

Tom looks back at his soldier, Reggie, who seems worried for him. "I'm fine Reggie, just a bit tired of Matt and Edd's worrying so please don't add on to that pile."

"Fine, I'll leave the worrying to Green and Purple then." Reggie laughs lightly while his partner nudges him to stop. "Aw come on Zack, I'm just trying to lighten the mood for Blue."

"Yeah like Blue would want that Reggie," Zack says sarcastically before hitting the man upside the head. "Green and Purple are his best friends, he doesn't want them to worry idiot."

Tom stops walking and turns around with his arms crossed. "Boys stop." He warns them.

"Sorry Blue." The two apologize with sorry faces.

"The two of you are grown men, act like it for now. You two can goof off later when we all go back to base." Tom scolds them and shakes his head. The two soldiers either scratch the back of their head or rub at their neck embarrassed. Tom pulls out his radio and does check. "This is Blue speaking, groups 1-6 check in and report anything you may have found."

"Group one here Blue, no change so far at our post."

"Group two on, nothing out of the ordinary Blue."

The checks went on until it finally got to Group 6. "We found two Red soldiers here and captured them Blue. Frank and Eric are on the way back to base with them as we speak."

"Did you do protocol on the two before you sent them back to base?" Tom asks concerned.

"Yes, sir. We did a full-scale search after we finally managed to knock them out. Did a strip search and everything, no bugs or trackers were on them. Just in case we also confiscated their devices and kept them here at the post." The soldier on the other end took a breath and continued speaking. "They were really strong and knew how to handle the situation well, thankfully we had a good number of soldiers here to outnumber them."

Tom looks at his two soldiers and signals for them to go to the other posts, but they denied his request. "I'm sending Reggie and Zack to go over there to check your group. Report if any more Red soldiers appear, I'll have to call Edd and Matt for backup if necessary." He ends the report there and the soldier on the end replies with a firm okay. He returns to his two soldiers who wouldn't go. "The both of you are needed at post six for a checkup."

"But Blue, we can't leave you unguarded!" Zack exclaims to his Leader.

"Yeah, before you know it those Red Army shits might pull something on ya!" Reggie agrees.

Tom taps his foot, crossing his arms over his chest again. "I'll be fine you two. I know how to take care of myself, remember who's the leader here."

The two soldiers looked at each other briefly then back at Tom.


"No butts Reggie."


"I need to keep watch here Zack. Enemies might slip past our sights and the base might be found."

Zack groans, "I seriously hate how you have one of those mom powers."

Tom gives his soldier a skeptical look. "I don't have mom powers, Zack. You two are just easy to read like your comrades." He makes a shooing motion to the two. "Now go, I'm starting to worry if those two Red soldiers were carrying bombs. I don't want Henry's team exploding on me."

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