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Colin's POV

Spencer was starting to piss me off. Who does he think he is anyway? Her mate? Hell no.

I'd literally do anything to not let that happen. She was...well she was perfect. And out of all the people to ask her to Prom it had to be him.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I had just came out of the locker room when I heard the last bit of their conversation.

"Sorry." Spencer laughed, "Didn't mean to bring that up. He's not good enough for you, you know that right?"

Who were they talking about? Knowing Spencer is was probably me, trying her to not like me.

Her blond head of hair nodded in agreeance with whoever Spencer was bashing. I could feel my heart stop as I stared at her. I could feel my heart breaking, it was beyond painfully. Her face was flushed as she spoke, "Thanks, I do know that."

She knew that she was too good for me. Anger rose inside and I let out a cough, they both looked up at me with surprise Spencer smirking a little before I turned to face Kat. "If you want a ride, I'm leaving now."

I could see it in her eyes as I looked at her, I could see it in the way she flinched away from my harsh words. She was scared of me. Hesitatingly she nodded her head, her shoulders hunched forward almost like she wanted to disappear.

My anger subsided as we walked out into the cold spring air and I gently pulled her to a stop as we approached my car. "I-I." I struggled to find the right words to say, to tell her how I felt.

"I know that I'm not good enough, or even close to being someone who deserves.." I started to say but stopped when I saw understanding cross her eyes. "What?"

"Colin, you're more than good enough, in fact you're way, way too good." She sighed, "You heard the last bit of Spencer's conversation."

I growled, I hated the way she said his name. "We weren't talking about you." She laughed, "We were talking about...Shane."

I also hated when she said his name as well. The guy she loves. She cried more than I've ever seen anyone cry before, it was heartbreaking to watch her when she was in pain and knowing that you couldn't do anything to help her. He was her first love, isn't there that annoying quote that says you always have feeling for your first love?

Yeah well, I hated him for being her first love. And everything's he's done to her since.

"I hate that guy." I growled and I noticed her lips twitched slightly.

"Me too."

I sighed and wrapped her tightly in my embrace. "I'm sorry I scared you."

She giggled and snuggled deeper into my arms, "I wasn't scared."

"Don't pretend Kat, I know you were scared it was all over your face." I shook my head and pulled away so I could look at her face, "I'm truly, truly sorry. No excuses."

She bit her lip and beamed up at me, "Thank you for being my best friend."

I laughed and gave her another squeeze. I was just friend zoned by a girl I think I'm in love with. Awesome.

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