Chapter 48: In Which It's Clear

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In French you don't really say, "I miss you." 

You say, "tu me manques," which is closer to
"you are missing from me."

I love that.
"You are missing from me."

You are part of me. 
You are essentially by being.

You are like a limb, or an organ, or blood.

I cannot function without you. 


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It's clear.


It's almost blinding as I raise a hand over my eyes and take in my surroundings.


Just an endless white.


I gasp and turn around.

Standing, smiling at me.

Mother and Father.


She nods and smiles.

"Hello my little sun."

I gasp at the nickname and look at my father, his smile for once whole.

I couldn't remember the last time I saw him smile like that.

"Father," I take a step closer not daring to believe this is real.

Mother reaches her hand out, "Let's go Fayette."

I feel tears on my face as I step forward, extending my hand, "Where are we going?"

She shakes her head, "Doesn't matter. As long as we are together."

I hesitate.

"Where though?"

She laughs and shakes her hand, urging me to grab onto it.

"Come one fayette. Take my hand. Let's go. You, me, your father. Just like how you always dreamed of. Just like how you always wanted."

I pause and look around at the endless white, "Where's Alto?"

Father laughs, "Who is Alto?"

I shake my head and smile, "my life mate. I met my life mate. Just like you two."

Father smiles and grabs mother's hand, reaching out his own now with her as he steps forward.

"He's not here. It's just us Fayette."

I take a step closer but something feels wrong.

Not right.

I frown at the sensation in my stomach and grip it tight in my hand.

"Don't do it."

My head jerks around to take in the male standing before me.

I gasp.


He smiles and stands to my side, crossing his arms as the glares down at my parents.

"Don't take their hand."

I look and take a step back when I see the contorted features of my parents.

"Ignore him Fayette. He wants to separate us."

I look at the male.

I would never forget his name. Gerald.

I would never forget as I stuck the needle in his arm.

The sound of his neck as it cracked.

He shakes his head, "It's your choice Fayette."

"Why would you help me?"

He looks down and smiles at me, "Because you saved me."

I choke back my sob. I didn't save him. I killed him.

"I had been walking home one night, to my wife and son, when out of nowhere this man grabs me and sticks some formula in me. And then I became a monster."

He smiles as he shrugs, "you saved my soul. Let me return the favor."

I take a step away from my parents.

" I don't feel right about this."

"Fayette," my mother's eyes soon become red. Angry.

And that's when I realize, it's not my mother's eyes.

Their features become twisted and evil, showing darkness as they morph into creatures of nightmares.

Gerald steps forward in front of me, "Don't touch her."

They hiss and turn away, running into the vast white.

Gerald turns around and smiles, "I was waiting for you. I guess I can move on now."

He turns and walks into the endless white, leaving me standing there shocked. At the last second he turns, smiling as he waves and yells, "see you around Fayette!"

I watch as his body slowly becomes smaller and smaller.

Until it's gone.

And then I'm alone.

Lost and confused on where I am and what to do.

Until I hear another voice.

"I'm glad he reached you in time," I turn to the source of the voice and feel my heart stop.

I don't know this male.

But at the same time, something inside me does.

Something inside me registers that I should know him.

He is tall and handsome.

With dark hair and features.

But that's not the only thing that catches my attention.

What also catches my attention is the black uniform he wears.

And the crown that rests upon his head.

He smiles down at me as he walks closer.

"It's nice to finally meet you Fayette."

"Who are you."

I'm weary after seeing what I thought to be my parents, morph into creatures of the night.

The man smiles and bows, raising his head to look up to me as he says, "Alexander Nolan. First Werewolf King."

Hang in there! 

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Hang in there! 

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