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Kat's POV

He tried to kiss me. Ugh, why must I say no? I could feel my tears as I snuggled into his chest. I was honestly surprised that he still wanted to hold me like this when I'd rejected him. Trust me it's not like I didn't want him to because believe me I did.

I still want that. But I knew that if I let him kiss me that it was a no turn back thing. We couldn't go back to being friends and with the looming question of who was his mate, I couldn't risk. He was too important in my life to let that happen.

Falling asleep was hard but I did it somehow and when I woke in the morning, Colin was gone. I was afraid I might have hurt his feelings because I know that I hurt mine. I didn't see him all day, I just hung out in my room reading and studying for finals. As I was leaving school early to attend College, I had to makeup all the tests and projects which kept me pretty busy.

Colin picked me up for school everyday and we hung out after school most days, until Friday came.

"Mack's coming tonight." He told me as he parked in the school lot, "As prom is tomorrow and everything."

"Right." I nodded, "So we can't hang out?"

"Sorry Kitty, my mom roped me into unpacking her suitcases. Didn't I tell you she's moving in for the summer?"

Shaking my head I looked away from him. "No. You didn't mention that part."

"She thinks that she could be my mate, they're just preparing since my birthday is less than a month away." He told me, opening his door. "Don't worry, I only have to help her tonight, I can be with you the rest of the time."

I walked beside him in silence. Colin and Mackenzie living together for the entire Summer while I was hundreds of miles away? What is this madness? How could their parents approve of this?

My mind was hazy as I moved through the day, like I couldn't quite get the grip on reality. Teegan snapped her fingers in front of me as the bell rang for the end of lunch, "Come on Kat. Gym time." She grinned as she pulled me along with her.

Since I could finally play in dreaded gym I followed her to the locker rooms where I changed. Today we were playing badminton and luckily Teegan was my partner so I didn't have to go through the awkwardness of playing with some random person I don't talk too. Or Colin.

Colin had tried to get my attention all day but I was too Zoned to answer him. I noticed him looking at me as the teacher talked and explained the rules and once the coach was done Colin came up to me.

"Are you okay?" He asked, "You seem kind of out of it today."

"I'm good." I nodded in return and then took the racket that Teegan handed me. "Good luck in the match because you're going down."

He smirked and took the racket that a girl had handed him. I'm guessing she was his partner and I tried hard not to let that bother me. "You're so on." He laughed back at me.

I watched him walk to the other side of the net before turning to Teegan. "Do you know how to play?"

"No idea." She shook her head gnawing on her bottom lip.

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