Chapter II

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A smile formed into my face.

1 message received from Love💛

Are you done practising? I'm at your apartment, Jennie. I have something to tell you.

The smile turned into a frown when I read the message. Something is clearly wrong from the way the message was constructed. She didn't call me by our endearmeant.

Oh, Jennie. You're being paranoid.

I bid goodbye to my bandmates. And I went up to my car and I speed up going to my apartment.

I opened the door.

"Love! I'm home." I shouted

She's probably at my room.
So, I went there.

I hug her from behind and kiss her nape.

She seems to startle at my action. How cute.

"So, what are you going to tell me, love?" I said.

"Je-jen. I'm tired" She said. Sadness is clearly visible in her voice.

"Let's rest and cuddle then. I'm just going to use the shower room."

I was about to go but she talked.

"Let's end this, Jen. Let's bre-break u-up." A tear fell in her eye.

The words can't sink in my mind. It is still processing in my head. Did I hear it right? No, this can't be.

"Love, you're kidding, right? Hehe. You know it's not funny" I pouted. Trying to lighten up the mood.

"Jen, I am freaking serious. I'm leaving"  she said.

"So, you're just gonna show up. Said that things to me. That you're breaking up and you're leaving. Wtf, Jisoo!" I couldn't take it anymore. Hatred and anger took all over me.

It was so sudden. We promised each other to watch sunset on the rest of our lives.

"I'm sorry, Jen. I'm really sorry. But things don't go the way we planned" She said. She cupped my cheeks and wipes the tears.

And after that she left. She fucking left me.

I was left dumbfounded. That happened so fast like a blink of an eye.

Was I not important to her? Did she ever love me the way I love her?

Why, Kim Jisoo?
I guess, I have to watch the sunsets alone in my lifetime.

"Jennie, Unnie! You're spacing out. Our first ever concert will start in a few get ready." A hype Lisa said.

Oh, I almost forgot this is d-day! This was always my dream. To sing infront of the crowd with my bandmates.

I wish you were here.

How many years have passed. But I still remember her.

Where are you, Jisoo? I miss you, love.

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