Chapter V

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"Sorry, Jis. But we have to go home. Your dad texted me." Suho said.

"Can't we just eat first. I'm really starving now." I said.

I'm so hungry and I really want to eat there.

"We'll drop by at a convenience store and buy some Gimbap." He said.

"I thought it's bad for my-"

"I'll cook for you then" He said with a sincere smile on his face.

  "Whatever, just drive me home. I'm tired" I said.

He sighed.

After few minutes, we arrived home. He opened the car door for me.

"Welcome home, my daughter" Dad welcomes me with a hug.

"Didn't you two have a jetlag?" Dad asked us.

Suho and I just came back from the US. And yes, we went straight to the concert.

I don't want to miss her first concert. I promised her.

"Love, can you promise me. Whatever happens you'll watch my first concert with my band?" she said.

"Of course, Love. I'll always be there every step on your way. I'll be your number one fan, always"

She kissed my forehead.

"Hey, Jis. Here's your food. You said this is your favorite so I cooked it for you."

Kimchi fried rice.

Yes, it's my favorite and will always be my favorite.

Because she always cooks it for me.

"Thanks" I said to him.

The taste is different. Because he's not her.

"Jisoo, I heard Jennie is now famous because of her band, Magnum" dad said.

"O-oh, yes. I heard that, too, dad." I said

"You're friends with Jennie and the Magnum?! Why you didn't tell me, Jisoo?!" Suho said. A total fanboy.

Friends with Jennie? We were more than that.

"You didn't ask" I said plainly.

"You should ask her to visit sometime here. Like she used to do." my dad said.

I don't know why she's bringing Jennie all of a sudden. I clearly said to him that we broke up before I left.

But the thing is, Jennie didn't know the reason why I left.

Soon Jennie, soon.

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