Chapter VII

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*tone of alarm

Jisoo shut her alarm and opened her eyes. The rays of sun welcomed her. She remembered the reason why she turned it on.
She moves her ass up and takes the shower.

Jisoo smiles and said to herself, "This is going to be a good day"

She quickly got to her car and decided to drive thru at Mcdo for breakfast.


She now headed to the airport. Many fans already piled up there knowing that Magnum will go to Japan for a tour.

Of course, she wants to take a good shot from Jennie's airport fashion.

"I'm going to be a fangirl just for now." She said to herself.

When the Magnum finally arrived at the airport Jisoo hold up her cam.

Jennie really made the airport a fashion runway. Breathtaking as ever.

Jennie carried the little bear Jisoo gave when they were still young

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Jennie carried the little bear Jisoo gave when they were still young.

Jisoo was happy for that.

She handed a fan a letter and begs her to give it to Jennie. The fan seems so nice so she did what Jisoo said. Jisoo has to change her penmanship so that Jennie wouldn't speculate something.

Jisoo wears a baseball cap and a face mask to make sure Jennie wouldn't notice her. And she succeeded.

After Magnum's plane take off, Jisoo headed home.

She felt tired. And she remembers that she forgot someting.

She went to her room and took it.

"Good morning, Jis." Suho said while rubbing his eyes.

"Morning" Jisoo said.

"You woke up early, wow." He said in disbelief.

"Whatever." She said and slammed her door.

She smiled wholeheartedly while scanning through the photos she took.

Oh, Jennie. I'm so whipped.

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