A trip to the park

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It was a short walk to the park from where Alexandria lived. They arrived in little time and when they did sonic was super excited. Vanilla found a table and let Sonic out of the stroller. "Alright buddy, go play, just stay where I can see you." Sonic nodded and walked over to the swing set. Vanilla watched as he swung around for a little bit and then a pink hedgehog approached him. "Hi, I'm sonic." He said. "Hi sonic, can I swing with you?" She asked. Sonic happily nodded and she introduced herself. "I'm Amy." She said and they both swung together. Eventually they got tired and moved onto the slide. They did slide races, someone races to the top and then slides down to see who could do it the fastest. Sonic won three out four, intentionally losing so Amy could have a win.

They moved to the roundabout and spun around on it for a little bit when a black hedgehog with red stripes came over to them accompanied by a girl. "May I play?" He asked. Sonic and Amy both nodded and then the two ntroduced themselves. "I'm Shadow and this Maria." He said pointing to he girl. "I'm sonic and this is Amy." Shadow and Maria nodded and then Maria left him to watch on the bench similar to what vanilla was doing. Sonic spun them all around so fast that they got dizzy and had to stop. However they weren't done yet. They found some monkey bars and they tried to see who could get across it the fastest. It finished in a tie between sonic and Shadow. "Your fast!" Shadow said tiredly. "So are you." Sonic said equally as tired.

Just than Vanilla came over to get Sonic. "Sorry little guy, I know you are having fun but it is time to go." Sonic gave a sad whine and let Vanilla pick him up. She carried him over to the stroller and put him in it. "No worries buddy, I talked to your friends caretakers, we can come tact them whenever we want so we can always have a play date." Sonic smiled a little bit. "Really?" Vanilla nodded an they began to go back to Alexandria's  house. They stopped for ice cream along the way which brought even more joy to sonic. Once they finished it was a quick walk back.

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