Same Mistakes (A Larry Stylinson Fanfic)

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Chapter 1 - It all started like this~

[Date rewritten: June 7/2013 due to bad writing; hopefully this one's better.]


It wasn’t that I wasn’t aware of the constant staring or camera flashes right beside me, because believe me; I’m more aware of it than one might think. “Oh. My. Gosh.” One says. “Louis!! LOUIS LOOK HERE!!” more squeals erupted. I rubbed at my temples slightly, half-mindedly keeping a brief smile to the fans for the camera and waving. I tapped my foot impatiently, casually brushing some lost strand of hair back away from my eyes and sighing slightly.

Without the boys, I literally had no idea how to entertain these young girls without even making a fool out of myself. “Where the hell is that boy?” I silently mouthed, brushing along the aisles with a bored expression written along my face. Some adults came by normally around me without a hint of recognition, some even occasionally told me about either a child or grandchildren who were fans of our band and asked if they can get my autograph. And surprisingly, I was okay with that.  I squinted over my list, murmuring them out loud without a care (some adults gave me some rather weird looks, but who was I to care?)

“Hmm, let’s see. Milk, Lettuce, Ham..” I murmured, frowning by how long the list went on. Harry was supposed to be helping me, but seeing as he was nowhere in sight, I decided that I’d to it by myself, no matter how long it will take me. 

My eyes instantly flew to the first two things written down in Liam’s messy scribble which were conveniently side-by-side. I was in no hurry, so I took my time, grabbing a basket at one hand and grabbing a few transparent plastic bags.  The process went on and on, until every single ounce of vegetable was completely out of my list. “Liam’d better be thankful for this.” I groaned slightly, hauling the basket and emptying its remnants into a bigger cart, seeing as my lack of better judgement clouded my ability to count.

“Now,” I prodded, “what’s next?” my eyes glittered ever-so-slightly with Niall’s portion of the list. The boys technically share on one list and whatever fits into a piece of paper in my choosing, they’ll have to nitpick on the sizing of each letter. Unfortunately, Niall was one of those people who took the humility as to request Liam and Zayn to write his portion into neat and diligent writing that is easy to read.But, this rule only did not apply to me, this unspoken agreement was brought along by the other boys who were willing to get up off their lazy asses and actually try and go marketing with me. Unsurprisingly, that would only be either me, Harry, or Liam who goes most of the time—Zayn and Niall are always very thankful.

I was halfway through the messy scribbles until the list literally flew out of my hands by some kind of magical wind that swept through the whole store. I frowned, bending over to pick it up, only to have it taken by the idiot I was searching for the whole bloody time. “Need some help Lou?” he smirked, staring at the list wide-eyed then to my cart that I had by my hand. “Gimme that.” I murmured coldly, stashing the list under my arms and heading towards the pharmacy for the Advil and cold patches that seemed to be highlighted and in heavy ink. “Louis.” Harry called out, utilizing his long, lanky legs to catch up to me within seconds.

“I’m not talking to you.” I murmured, brushing him off, quickly grabbing the Advil and cold patches at a quick, hasty snatch, before heading over to the Junk Food section on Aisle 3. “Let’s see what we have here.” I sighed the moment I looked at his specific orders. It says Start from the crisps and let your hand slide till you reach the liquorice. Pick up whatever fell down. I frowned, staring at it for a second and sighing. “Louis, c’mon, I can explain.” Harry says, grabbing along my arm. I looked over my shoulder and gave him a rather stern gaze. “Later.” I hissed, doing exactly as Niall said and strolling down the aisle till I reached the very end, which was liquorice—surprise, surprise. Harry quietly looked over my shoulder for a quick minute before nodding and picking up whatever fell. I rolled my eyes at his eagerness to please and headed to the cosmetic section to get myself some aftershave fit for 10 people, some gel, and other things a teenage boy would ever need.

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