~ chapter 7 ~

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Day 3

Lasercorn's POV (district 5)

I'm panting, sweating, and the adrenaline is flaming through me. "Get back here you son of a bitch! You killed Lynne! You'll pay!" Adelaide screams, wielding her dagger as she chases me around a sharp turn. I had left Sohinki earlier in the day because I was helping to look for supplies. Altogether, we had been separated from the others, so I was screwed.

Nobody in sight. Just me, Adelaide, and her dagger, ready to pierce into my body and tear my guts out. Or just stab me. When I zone back, Adelaide is nowhere to be seen and I'm alone. Lost. "Fuck." I say to myself.

Finns POV (district 12)

I was walking with Kane. Our bond and altogether alliance had become stronger since Damien died. All day we were concerned about where he had went, but come dusk he was apparently now one of the dead ones.

We both have no idea what happened to him. He just got- well, killed. We both were walking in silence on a cliff side. It was serene. Silent. As I was pacing, the ground crumbles beneath me, sending me spiraling down the mountainside. My leg is trapped under a huge boulder when I hear Kane scream. "Oh god, no! Finn are you okay?"

"Uh.i would be if this big ass boulder wasn't on my leg." I chuckle, trying to lighten the mood. "This is not the time for jokes!" She jumps down alongside me. "How the fuck will we get this off.." She says, looking at the rock.

"I don't give a fuck, just pull it off at the count of three." I say. She nods.



"Three!" She shouts, and we both tug as hard as we can in an upward motion. The boulder manages to wiggle of my leg a little, and I pry myself after a quick struggle.

"The good thing's that I'm out, but now my leg's fucked up." I say blankly.

Keith's POV (district 9)

Joven has been getting on my nerves since Wes disappeared. He's bossy, nosy, and he doesn't fucking listen. I've had enough. Screw the alliance; it can't be just me and him. Where is Lasercorn, Sohinki, and Wes? They made it a manageable and fun group.

Heck, even Joven made it fun before it spiraled into hell! I walk towards him, sais in hand. His back is turned, perfect time to strike. "I'm so sorry." I say, pausing. "For wha-" Joven is cut off by one of my sais lodged into the back of his neck.

He gargles and falls to the floor, tears rushing out of his eyes and fear plastered on his face. He gives me a traumatizing look that will haunt me for the rest of my life. His dying is slow and displeasing to watch, so I ripped the knife out of his neck and grabbed the other one.

I launched the sais at him and kept stabbing and stabbing. There were moans of pain and screams, and it all felt so bad to do. In a second, his suffering was over. I drop my weapons on the floor next to him and look at my blood-stained hands. What have I done? I think.

Just then I hear footsteps from behind. "What the fuck?" The familiar face, Lasercorn, questions, obviously concerned.

Ian's POV (district 2)

"Hey, you!" A female voice screams. "Hands up!"

I slowly raise my hands and turn around to see the short redhead unarmed, but ready to slap me to death if I do anything. "Do you have weapons?" Sydney asks wearily.

"Yes. I have this dagger, that's it." I say, slowly pulling the dagger out of my pocket and setting it on the ground. She examines it carefully. "You can keep it." She says. I shrug, and bend down to pick it up. "Except!" She screams, causing me to straighten up again. "You have to form a temporary alliance with me all day!" She grins.

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