Chapter Five

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Hey hey, the last chapter only got 4 likes    ;( please comment so I know where I'm going wrong and what you guys want to read. This chapter is only small because I'm back at school and have a shit ton of work.
Kara pov •||
Lena is just sat there smiling at me and it's so cute, it looks like she's in her own little world.
"Lena" i touch her face lightly she grins at me "are you okay? What was you thinking about?" She smiles placing a hand over mine on her face and one on my thigh "you my dear I was thinking about you and the first time we met" I can't help but to blush hard "oh hmm" she giggles and it was music to my ears "stoooop it you know I am shy" I hide in her neck "you are so cute" she makes my stomach burst like explode with fireworks it's amazing honestly. "Kar- *bang bang* "one moment Le let me see who that is" what the hell who would be banging on my door at this time. *opens* "KARA ZOR- "oh hi Alex it's lovely to see you too" alex comes in a huff "why are you ignoring me you always answer your phone don't worry me like that" *i spin her so that she can see Lena* "oooh my bad" I role my eyes "hello Lena its nice to see you again" "you work with supergirl right? Wait how do you two know each other?!" "Yes sort of, and Kara is my baby sister who I am very protective of so if you hurt her- " okay alex it's time for you to go I'll ring you tomorrow" alex laughs loudly as I push her out my door. Lena walks towards me as I wrap my arms around her neck " I didn't know you had a sister?!" " hm yes I thought you knew" " no you only said you got adopted I thought she was going to say she was your girlfriend?" "Ew what alex no that's disgusting" " good because I was hoping to take that role"

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