One Sided

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Kallen had always love Lelouch and even though her love would always remain one sided she could not help but falling in love with him over and over again.

Even now after he have finally being crowned as the emperor with an empress, Kallen still could not help but fall in love with the married man. She was ordered to work in the palace alongside the emperor’s knight, Suzaku. She hated the thought of working together with him but the way Lelouch invited and insisted that he wanted her when she first refuses the offer immediately changed her mind.

She would always envied the lime haired woman who have always been by his side ever since the beginning of the rebellion. The woman would always know Zero’s plan before everyone did and she would do anything for him. Even when he was brainwashed, the lime haired was the one who searched for the remaining Black Knights and lead them as the second Zero.

The woman was ruthless, cunning, brilliant and unstoppable, the most suitable partner for the man who have changed the world. So it wasn’t a surprise for Kallen to found out that the woman who was known as the mistress of Zero by the black knights is the same woman sitting in the empress’s seat.

Kallen only remain motionless watching both of them be the center attention of the whole world. Kallen bite her lips whenever both of them acted the role they were playing. Husband and wife. She lied to herself saying that it was only a role. A play that they decide to show to the rest of the world but she was wrong, very wrong when she saw Lelouch heading to the garden one morning.

She only saw his back. His black emperor robe walking towards the garden. Secretly she followed him mainly to jump on him. When he reached the garden, she noticed the lime haired was also there. Kallen noticed that CC was happily enjoying the flowers before he arrived. She greeted him with a cold look but somewhere in CC’s eyes there was a hint of happiness.

She could not tell what they were talking about but she knew that whatever they were talking about must be something happy for Lelouch to express a gentle look to her and CC replying back with a small smile and also a gentle face. He then gave her a bouquet of white lilies with a small blush. CC looked at the bouquet before taking it into her hand. She looked at the lilies with loving eyes a look Kallen have never seen before from neither Lelouch nor CC.

She then look back at Lelouch and slowly place her hand on his cheek. She place her red lips on him and both of them shared a beautiful kiss as if the world was once again good and the conflict between Zero and the world never existed at all.

Kallen finally knew that the romance between both of them were never fake to begin with and it was her that kept feeding herself lies after lies.

But Kallen still couldn't help falling for him even after the death of the emperor.

She will always be his knight. His trusted comrade. His right hand. His protector. She is everything. A relationship that will not change. She is just after all his soldier.

She still remain loving him even after knowing that even though he was gone from the face of the world, he was still out there.

With his one and only empress who is not her.

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