Chapter 4

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My alarm went off the next morning causing me to groan loudly and turn over in my bed. When I knew I wouldn't fall back asleep I turned back over so that I could turn the alarm off on my phone. I laid in the bed looking at the wall across from me with a slight frown. I almost didn't want to go to work today because it was already starting to take a toll on me with how much I haven't accomplished yet. The only thing keeping me going was the slow yet steady crush that was forming on the taller girl. I wanted nothing more than for her to get better and escape the threatening jaws of the what the law had in store for her. I wanted her to get out of that hellhole, and I wanted to be the one that got her out of there.

With a sigh I got up from my warm bed to get ready for the day. I brushed my teeth before showering and getting dressed. When I was ready I grabbed the keys to the rental car I still had yet to get rid of and my bag so that I could drive myself to the mental hospital. I packed the bag with certain items that I hoped would help Y/N control herself whenever she felt an attack coming on. The taller girl never really had anything in her room, let alone anything for her to help herself with. When I made it to the parking lot of the hospital I parked and got out with a sigh, seeing a couple patients outside with staff members. They looked so happy, I wish Y/N could be that carefree and able to go as she pleased. When I was done daydreaming I got out of the car grabbing all of my stuff. I instantly got into the elevator and adjusted my doctor's coat as it traveled to the fourth floor. When the elevator stopped on the top floor I made my way to Y/N's room but when I entered, the lights were turned off and I could hear snoring coming from the taller girl.

I rose my eyebrow and looked at my phone to see that it was almost nine in the morning. Y/N was always awake when I got here, and I was even running a bit late today. I set my bag at the foot of the bed and turned on the lights before slowly sitting down on the side next to Y/N who had her back to me. She was clutching her pillow with small snores still fell from her mouth. I smiled to myself before placing my hand on the taller girl's waist. "Y/N." I whispered in hopes of waking her up. When I didn't get a response I started shaking her lightly. I whispered her name a little louder until her hand gripped my wrist tightly to get me to stop shaking her. When I looked up I saw that her eyes were still closed as if she were still asleep. Her grip progressively got tighter around my wrist to the point where I had to try to pry her fingers off of me. I groaned in pain but eventually I managed to remove her hand from my wrist.

I shook my wrist out to rid the pain but when I heard rustling I looked over to see Y/N finally waking up. When she saw me standing next to her bed she slightly jumped before placing her hand on her chest. I smiled at the Y/E/C eyed girl who looked down at my hand. "What's wrong?" She asked as she sat up in the bed. I could tell she wanted to help but she refrained herself from doing so. Her eyes were concerned but I sat down next to her once again. "Did I hurt you again?" Her voice quieted down until it was almost a whisper. I knew it would do no good to lie so I nodded my head solemnly.

"But Y/N I don't want you to beat yourself up about it. It's not something you can control. I'll be okay." I smiled reassuringly but the taller girl continued to fumble with her fingers in her lap. "And that's why I'm here, I'm here to help you get better. I brought stuff today that you can keep for yourself if you ever need something to distract you. I want you to use them, especially when you feel an attack coming on. Even if you're just bored, I can always find more things for you to use if you need me to. I just want to do anything I can to help you." I ended, placing my hand on hers. I watched as Y/N hesitantly grabbed my hand to inspect the slight red mark on my wrist. She ran her thumb along the mark and I couldn't help the flutter in my heart at her actions, nor the sparks that traveled through my skin at her soft touch. Y/N visibly gulped before her sad eyes met mine, her mouth opening but no words came out. She repeated the process several times before finally she was able to spit something out.

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