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Summer was coming to a close and I had finals to study for. I was mostly with Nick now days as the last little bit of classes winded down. We were both focused on our work so we were easily friends.

Loretta, Jessica and Savannah were the girls I hung out with mostly. Jen and Violet were close and although we did hang out as a group most of the time you could see the divided if you looked close enough. We were all friends though.

I hadn't thought about him for months and it didn't hurt so much when I did. It was easier to be happy now.

Okay that's a lie. It still hurt whenever I thought about my best friend, it hurt that I hadn't seen his face in months. It also stung knowing the he was traveling the US this summer looking for his mate.

Colin's father had made him start to look for his other half in all the packs, big or small, in the US and Canada. After which he's going abroad if he still hadn't found her. Knowing that I could get the call any day now telling me that he's found his mate kills me.

I was tapping my pencil on the paper absently as I tried to reread my notes. My mind wandering to other places as I attempted to focus.

"Kat." Nick sighed from beside me. I turned to look at him my eyes wide with concern as he continued. "Stop tapping your pencil. It's driving me insane."

Relaxing back into the chair I stuck my tongue out at him. For a minute I sat in silence and then groaned which caused him to sigh again.

"What's wrong now?" He asked.

"I can't focus today." I sighed, "I'm anxious and I don't know why."

"Because finals are less than 12 hours away." He rolled his eyes with a laugh.

That was it and I knew it. I'm scared to finish out the end of the school and to have to go back home. To see him and know that I wasn't his mate, that we'd never be together had it's own feeling.

"It's going to be okay Kat, you have me." He grabbed my hand and I smiled up at him.

"Thanks Nick."

Nick held my hand while we completed the papers we were working on and it was nice. Just to know that Nick was there holding my hand in a friendly way something that made sense to me. It wasn't thrilling and it didn't send tingles up my arm the way another persons had but it was Nick and not Colin.

The next morning Nick and I walked to class together and the anxious feeling grew at the sight of the building. I gripped Nick's arm and he laughed. "Come on Kat, it's going to be fine. You're a natural at this kind of thing."

The test was easy and I couldn't see why I'd been so anxious before but as we walked out of class I noticed that the anxious feeling I had never went away, in fact it grew stronger as the minutes past.

Something didn't feel right and I knew it.

"We're going out tonight." Anna laughed as Nick and I came into the room.

"We are?" I asked as I set my bag on my bed and Nick sat beside it as he too threw his bag on the bed. "I don't know if that's a good idea."

"Of course it's a good idea." Loretta grinned while sipping her coffee at the table in the center of the room. Anna walked over and sat down next to her as they both watch me. They were convinced that Nick and I were an item. "Finals are almost over and we don't have any tomorrow so.." She shrugged.

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