Chapter One

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If you haven't read the prologue (some people skip it) you should probably read it for some context!)


"No. Freaking. Way." Stephanie, one of my two best friends said slowly, soaking in the horrifying incident that took place before my first period.

"Liam Coleman, of course." Lisa, my other best friend chimed in with a laugh.

Now let me explain. The summer before high school the three of us were trying to find a way to make the next four years of our lives interesting, so we came up with a game we called Three Kisses. The rules were simple; when it's your turn you have to kiss the first person you run into on the first day of school, with permission of course. That's kiss number one. Kiss number two is a bit trickier; you have to get the person you kissed, to kiss you, but you can't ask them to kiss you. And then finally kiss number three -tongue. You have to French kiss whoever you ran into. And all of these had to be separate kisses. You couldn't do tongue on the first kiss and count it as kiss one and three.

You have one school year to complete all three kisses and you can never tell anyone about the game.

There were also a few other minor rules, like if you run into a teacher or someone in a relationship you just start the game with the next person you run into. And if you bump into someone that isn't the gender you're attracted to, you play the game with the first person you run into that is the gender you're attracted to.

"Emma do you know what you've just done?" Steph asked, waving her hand in front of my eyes to get my attention.

I sighed, "I didn't mean to okay?"

"This is actually pretty great." Lisa laughed, and I gave her my meanest glare. How could this be great? Or funny?

"Someone's finally gonna lose the game." She explained.

Oh and did I forget to mention? If someone failed to get all three kisses they had to pay $100 to each of the other players and strip down to nothing but their bra and underwear and run around the cafeteria during lunch.

Lisa was up first and succeeded in the first month of freshmen year, and Stephanie went the following year and won in the first half of the year.

They were both gorgeous girls so they didn't have trouble winning the game. Lisa was tall with curly blonde hair and blue eyes, while Steph was equally as tall and had golden brown skin and shiny black hair. They looked like they just stepped off the runway.

But then there was me - red hair, blue eyes, and freckles. Not to mention the fact that I was awkwardly short, nothing compared to my best friends, and I got stuck with Liam freaking Coleman. I had absolutely no chance of winning.

"What am I gonna do?" I grumbled. I was already dreading the punishment for losing the game, not to mention the humiliation I already felt from kissing Liam. He probably already told all his friends about the incident. I bet they think I'm some obsessed fangirl of his. Should I even bother trying to win the game? I didn't know if I could muster up the courage to even look in his direction again, let alone get him to kiss me.

"Well on the bright side, you finally had your first kiss." Lisa said, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I frowned, "Well that calls for a celebration."

I didn't want to lose my first kiss like that. I was hoping I'd be kissed before it was my turn to play, but as you could probably tell by now; my luck sucked.

"I'm heading to class, see you two later." I said as I stood up to leave, just as the bell rang.

They both waved me goodbye and then I was alone for the first time since the incident this morning.

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