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When Vincent heard his mate calling for him, he threw his Beta into a wall. Rick was attempting to stop him, telling him of more precious matters and he saw red, and threw him. He rounded up twenty members and took off running toward the woods, shifting.

The smell of her blood hit him and he snarled darkly. Her smell was mixed with a rogue's. If she was hurt, someone was going to die. And painfully.

When he reached the treeline, Leanna stumbled out. He stopped several feet away from her, taking in the sight.

Her blue jeans were stained in blood and dirt, her face bruised and blood dried on her chin and throat. There were claw marks on her shoulder and she was breathing a little hard. But what drew him in the most and unnerved him at the same was her eyes.

There were black from her wolf but also glowing. She limped toward him, her knees giving out as she fell onto her hands, a silver blade protruding from her thigh. He rushed toward her, falling to his knees beside her.

"Love, what happened?" he whispered gently, his wolf growling to kill whoever laid hands on her.

His mate's only response was to growl at him in anger, her black eyes glaring at him. A part of him was hurt but he could tell this wasn't her. This wasn't his sweet Lea.

He placed his hands on her face, cupping her cheeks.

"Let go, love. It's the Bloodlust," he whispered, hoping that he was right. He'd never seen the glowing eyes but the black eyes and anger, even towards a mate, were signs of a wolf's first Bloodlust. 

Her eyes flickered and she shuddered violently, her skin burning against his. The Bloodlust was keeping her from truly feeling the pain her body was in so he was hoping to calm her anger but keep her in that state until they could sedate her.

"Alpha," Brandon called out and came into view dragging an unconscious rogue who was in severe condition.

He glanced down, Leanna watching the rogue without remorse.

"He deserves to die," her voice darker and cold. She stood up but stumbled, her claws beginning to grow.

"Take him to the cells," he ordered Brandon and lifted up Leanna who didn't fight him but instead stared.

"He said he'd bring me corpse to you and kill you. I couldn't have him kill you. So I had to try and kill him first," she muttered as he ran to the pack house, clearing it all out, the entire pack watching their Luna with new eyes as pushed away from him and limped beside him, glaring at everyone who met her gaze.

"Everyone out. NOW!" he growled, and they quickly scattered.

Leading her toward the pack doctor, he eyed her carefully, watching the wound on her leg sizzling and burning where the blade dug in.

He opened the door for her and she limped in. Two pack members stood guarding the door outside as the doctor and Zachary attended to the Luna.

"The most immediate thing to take care of is the blade. The longer it's in her thigh, the harder it'll be to remove and to heal," Alistair explained, looking at the Alpha.

"Do what you have to do," he said, motioning for him to continue.

"Well, the issue is that in her Bloodlust state, she'll fight hard and if we sedate her and she begins to fight, it'll prolong everything. So you need to hold her down," he added, Leanna glaring at him.

"I see," Vincent whispered and went silent.

And then at top speed, threw Leanna down on the bed and put his body weight on her as she growled and snarled and screamed, trying to scratch him.

He did his best to ignore it as the pack doctor caught hold of the blade, Leanna's body going rigid, her black eyes flickering between black and green.

He gripped her thigh and pulled, Zachary holding her leg still so the blade didn't dig in. The blade didn't budge, the ridges along it holding on.

Alistair pulled again and it moved half an inch.

The bloodcurdling scream she let out was deafening. Vincent's wolf growled at the sound and he wanted nothing more than to rip out the doctor's throat but he held back. Alistair shook his head and then pulled, the blade pulling free.

Leanna'a scream was so loud it affected their sensitive ears as she continued to cry, held down by Vincent and unable to do anything as the residual silver burned through her leg. Her voice cracked and she began to sob, her eyes returning to their emerald green as the pain in her body registered with her. 

She coughed, the blood splattering. 

"Wolfsbane," Alistair whispered. "They planned this. This was not a random attack."

Vincent pulled himself off her broken ribs and held her, her body unable to properly heal as she choked.

"Sedate her now!" he snarled at Alistair, his eyes going black.

"The wolfsbane will just burn it away. We just have to wait until she passes out. It's not ideal but it's all we can work with," he explained, grabbing gauze and tape.

"Her body will need to fight it on it's own. It was a small amount so it should only take a day or two. Until then, her ribs won't heal entirely so no tiring or rough work."

Vincent nodded absently, holding Leanna's trembling body as her cries stopped abruptly and she went limp, her body exhausted from the pain and fight.

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