Chapter XIII

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Morning after that night with Seulgi, Jennie wakes up as the sun rays strike her. She went to the bathroom and washes up.

She checks her phone and was schocked to see a lot of notifications.

Jennie Kim and Kang Seulgi were seen in a restaurant.

Jennie and Seulgi spotted at the Han River Park. Is there something going on between them?

"Oh, shit." She muttured.

Jennie forgot there were paparazzis. Guess, being known is still sinking in to her.
She was about to put her phone down but their manager sent a message.

We have to ask you about the issue circulating online. I know you saw it already. She sighed.

She really hate being interrogated but she has to do it. Others may think she and Seulgi really have a thing already.

Minutes passed by and she decides to go to the living to have time with her members.

"Yo, Jennie unnie. Can you cook some kimchi fried rice this lunch? It's been ages since I tasted that specialty of yours." Lisa said using her aegyo.

"I cringe." Jennie chuckled

"Well, I never cook it in a while. So, okay. That's how I much I love you guys."

"Yey! Thank you, Jen." Rosé said.

"Don't fucking put poison on it Jennifer" Jeongyeon laughed.

"You gave me an idea, Jeong." She smirked.

Her members been calling her 'Jennifer' especially Jeongyeon because their fans calling her that name.

She prepares herself in cooking lunch. After tasting all the dishes, she set the foods on the table and calls out her members.

Rosé, Jeongyeon and Lisa rush to the dining table like kids. Jennie is really the most mature among them.

They were about to eat when they hear a message tone. It was lisa's.

"Excuse me, guys. It's important. You can start to eat." She said. Busy with her phone.

Jennie observed that Lisa was a bit surprised.

"Hey, Lisa. You okay? Is there something wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing unnie. I need to go somewhere. Too bad I can't eat lunch with you. Uh uhm I'll just meet a friend. I'll be back later." Lisa said.

'Lisa seems suspicious' Jennie thought.

"Okay, take care!" They said.

They continue to eat their lunch. Her two members keep on praising her cooking. After they're done, Rosé and Jeongyeon are fighting on who's going to wash the dishes.

As expected, Rosé was the one who washed.

When their manager texted them about the meeting. They went to their rooms and change their clothes. After a couple of minutes, Lisa arrives home.

The meeting went well. And Jennie denied that they have no thing between Seulgi. Their company already posted an article regarding about that issue.

Some fans were saddened that it wasn't true but many were so happy about it.

"We allow you to date but still we need confirmation about thess issues. We don't want people to assume and believe to those made up stories." Their manager said.

"Yeah. Thank you, unnie. Bye." They said.

When they got back to their dorm. Lisa handed Jennie a letter.

"A fan gave it to you." Lisa said.

She read it and it was from the 'King'.

"Lisa, did you see the face of the sender? Did you ask who is she/he?" Jennie said, really curious right now.

She has this feeling that she wants to know about this sender.

"Nah. She was wearing a cap and a glasses. I can't recognize her face." Lisa lied.

Jennie thanked Lisa for giving the letter to her.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.



She read. A smile was plastered on her face.

'Whoever you are, thank you for making me happy.
Can't fall for you 'cause I fell already to someone' she thought.

Jennie doesn't skip a day without missing Jisoo. She decided to post a picture in her IG.

jenniekim You make me happy when skies are grey

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jenniekim You make me happy when skies are grey.

Right after she posted it, someone texted her.

From: Chu's dad.

Hey, buddy. Jisoo's here already. I forgot to tell you. Go get her, tiger. Someone might steal her from you. Beware ;)

Jennie was surprised. She is hestitating whether to visit them in their house or not. She prepared herself in the chance of meeting Jisoo but she thinks she's not ready yet. There were still questions left unanswered. No doubt, she still loves Jisoo but she's also in pain. She was hoping Jisoo would do the first move.

To: Chu's dad

Really, dad?! I'll see my sched first. You know I've been busy since and our tour is going on right now. Please say hi to Chu for me. x


Someone's POV

I first saw her at the rooftop. That time, I was at my lowest and about to end my life. Her angelic voice was like a music to my ears and that moment when she said, "don't" it felt like God gave me a reason to continue my life.

She was attracted even she's just wearing an hospital gown.

She saved me without her knowing.

She put the word 'life' and 'hope' back in my vocabulary.

As cheesy as it may sound, but, she served as my rainbow in my stormy days.

I fell for her but she doesn't know. Guess, she's blind to even see it.

She's so close yet so far.


I stan these models so much.

I stan these models so much

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