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My first reaction was to panic and close the window. To pretend I never even saw him and go about my day.

But those daunting brown eyes lured my in like a stupid fish to a fishing hook. It was if the eyes had some sort of control over my well being, which did not comfort me in the slightest.

In my frozen state, Willy seemed to moved closer by the paw prints behind him in the thick covering of snow. Finally my numb hands clasped around the ledge of the window and shut it with a loud gust of wind.

I wrapped my arms around my torso, shivering, and sat back down on my bed. From the view, he seemed to disappear but my conscious wouldn't let me have that relief and kept on reminding my self that he just moved closer.

My heart pumped wildly as I pinched my self to make sure it wasn't another nightmare, and I was disappointed when it wasn't.

I kept all of my limbs on my bed, having childishly thought that he would suddenly appear from underneath my bed. Even when my tense muscles were aching for release, I still kept them tucked in a tight ball.

A small thump for outside caught my attention and made me unwind myself. I almost moaned in pleasure when my legs stretched out but that wasn't on the frontier of my mind.

Curiosity getting the better of me, I tentatively walked out of my room and down the starts where I heard another thump. I could hear my heart pounding as if I were running a marathon as I got closer to the front door.

I knew I should've stopped but I couldn't. It was as if my body was overpowering my mind and I had no control. I didn't like it.

At all.

Eventually I reached the front door and grasped the knob until my hand turned red. I was trying to resist the urges by holding onto it for dear life but my hand still found a way to twist it open.

Finally gaining control of my body, I let go of the knob as if it were a disease and jumped back slightly as the door kept on slowly opening.

The door finally opened to its full potential giving me a full view of him.

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