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It was too late to turn back now so I just stepped out in the chilly, winter air and faced the monster terrorizing my dreams.

I knew when I looked in his cold eyes, I should've turned back around.

I knew I should've just walked back in the house and lock the door.

But being driven by a sickness of being scared kind of prevented you from doing that.

Left to my own devices, I slowly walked towards him in a calm manner. I preferred calm because I knew how each scenario played out in my mind during the night. If I walked in a threatening manner, he would think I was irking him for a fight and pounce with no hesitation. At least when I seem calm, my death seemed a bit less violent.

I chose not to register his chilling stillness as I walked closer seeming as I was ready to go unconscious in terror.

I knew this would be my end but I wanted to prolong my life as long as could in a relaxed manner before all my mind becomes concerned with is if I'm hidden well behind a bush.

Arriving in front of the wolf's snout, my hand reached out and petted it's head as of it were a common house pet although he was far from it. I knew he would react soon since he doesn't like to be touched for long period of time.

When he shook my hand off his hand, I took that as my only signal and ran.

-So please give me your honest opinions. If you want me to stop this book, then I'll stop it because I feel like it's going nowhere.

But if I do choose to continue it, then it'll only be a few more chapters until the end.

Hope you enjoyed the update my smol lady bugs-

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