Chapter XVIII

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Suho's POV

When I saw Jisoo kneeled and about to propose to Jennie, I stopped her.

I had to.

"WAAAIT!" I shouted.

The fans in the dome started to shout 'Boo' and other hatred words toward but I don't care.

If stares can kill, I'm dead now. The two just looked me with daggering eyes.

I grabbed jisoo but Jennie took her away. Because I was stronger, of course, I succeeded in grabbing her arm.

"What the heck is your problem?! You ruined it!"

"I don't want you to propose to her

without the ring. Damn, you're getting old  You forgot it in the car. Good thing, I saw it. Go and get tied with her." I said.

It hurts knowing she's getting married. But If you love someone, their happiness is also you happiness.

"Sorry about Suho's interruption. It was my fauld. I-I forgot the r-ring. So, uhm, can you spend the rest of your life with me? Will you marry me?" Jisoo said nervously.


What the hell. Jisoo started to cry. I'm about to get Jisoo away but Jennie spoke again

"Cause I shoud be the one doing that." Jennie let Jisoo stand up and now, she's the one who kneeled.

"I didn't go and search for any girl when you left me 'cause I always hope for you to comeback. Words aren't enough to express how grateful and happy I am. So, infront of everyone, will you marry me?" Jennie said wholeheartedly

"Yes." She replied. Jennie stood up and hug Jisoo tightly

Those three letters are every guy's dream from their loved ones. Jennie is so damn lucky.

After a few minutes, I exited in the stage and went to the parking lot.

I saw a girl crying. She's so beautiful.
I handed him my handkerchief and she politely get it.

Guess, we're both heartbroken.

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