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I ran and ran until the bottom of my feet ached from the rough forest floor. I knew he was faster than me but trying to get away was better than just waiting for my expected death.

Growing tired of running, I made a sudden decision and hid behind a bush. I knew he would find me eventually but I wanted to have some calm moments before I met my fate.

I tried to focus on my breathing, blocking out any noise surrounding me in the bright green forest. Even if it was the footsteps of him.

Calling it him seemed easier because I couldn't add brightness to this monster anymore. He had become too dark as if he had a satanic aura surrounding his lean frame.

My selfless side said that I could save him from this darkness and maybe we could both live.

But of course my more sensible said was telling that side to shutup.

Throughout that whole conversation I didn't move an inch, afraid he might detect it with his keen eyes that never seemed to miss a glitch. I even limited my breathing, scared that he might use those sharp ears of his.

My movements were still at first but they faltered when I heard feet padding against the soft, white forest floor. I knew I should've been quieter although my body was doing the complete opposite.

My breathes were labored and the mixture of coldness and fear made my body shiver like there was no tomorrow.

Well not for me anyways.

He looked around the tree by the bush with his snout to the floor to detect any unusual scents. I knew he caught my scent when he followed that path to my bush.

I still had hope but the moment we made eye contact, all of it was vanished in a heartbeat

- To my predictions, this book should be over in a few chapters.

Bye bye my smol lady bugs-

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