Tomi and Faults

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+Red Army Base: Tord's office+

Tord sat in his office working on paperwork when the door was knocked on from the other side. He looks up from his papers, "Come in."

The door opens and Tom comes into the office looking bored or annoyed as usual. Nothing new.

"Do you have something to report Thomas? You don't usually come early, just at the usual time to tell me my schedule." Tord says as he fixes a stack of papers into a neat pile.

"Oh nothing, just came to check up on you Tordy~"

The Red Leader stopped what he was doing to look up at Tom who had made it in front of his desk. The sandy hair brunet smiling down at him with a childish grin. The first thing Tord did was tackle this 'Tom' down to the floor after jumping over his desk.

He pulls out his gun and presses it against 'Tom's' temple. "State who you are and your business right now. I will not hesitate to pull the trigger." He firmly tells the person posing as his rival.

'Tom' merely laughs. "It's nice to finally meet and speak with you Tordy! I'm Tomi, Tom's monster side." He tells the gun fanatic with a chipper tone.

"What?..." Tord says confused.

Tomi giggles, "You might wanna take the gun away from our head. It'd be a shame to lose the both us so early Tordy. You have plans for the both of us, right?"

Tord reluctantly pulls his gun away and puts it back in its holster. He pulls off of the man underneath him.

"Phew," Tomi says in relief as he gets back on his feet. He dusts himself off and lets his monster features appear. Two dark purple horns come out from the base of his hairline, while his hands grow to turn into darkish purplish color sharp claws. Tord could even see a long tail, the same color of his claws, make an appearance as it moved back and forth slowly. "That feels a whole lot better."

"So you're Tom, but also not Tom?" Tord asks with confusion. He's trying to wrap his head around the situation at hand.

"Yes and no," Tomi answers quickly and explains why. "Tom is originally born a human, but after I tried to possess him a few years ago... you could say things went wrong. We got stuck together, we'll actually I got stuck in his soul. I couldn't separate from Tom's body after trying to possess him. So we share his body, but have separate minds." His tail moves over to Tord to wrap around his waist and give it a light squeeze.

"Oh..." Tord puts his hands on the tail gently, feeling no threat of Tomi squeezing the life out of him with his tail. "So you're the one I saw when I encountered Tom back in the forest." He says remembering the forest meeting and Tom's surprising new appearance.

"Nope, that was still Tom. The only way you can tell is apart is the way we act and our tone." Tomi giggles again.

"Yeah, Tom defiantly does not giggle." Tord agrees as he takes in everything of Tomi's person. He's more cheerful and childlike than Tom. The Red Leader would also say the monster side of Tom also loves getting too close into people's personal space. "Does anyone else know about you?"

Tomi nods, "Mattie, Eddy, and Tom's group of the Rebellion know about me. Personally, I've only interacted with two of Tom's soldiers besides Mattie and Eddy." He tells Tord truthfully. His tail lifts the leader of the Red Army an inch off the floor. "Come on, I checked your schedule and you have lots to do."

"That can wait," Tord says as he quickly holds Tomi's tail tightly when he was picked up. He shifts a bit to find a comfortable position. "Firstly you can't go out with all your monster features might I add. My soldiers could possibly shoot at the sight of you ."

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