Eli & Aeryn: Seventeen

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We were #8 in short story yesterday, that's really cool, and so are you.

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A: "Eli, please remind me again why during my Saturday afternoon I am out here?"

E: "Art homework. Apparently doing leaf pressings will be a fun starter to our lessons, my teacher is erratically spontaneous. Besides, you have nothing else to do and you're my lovely assistant."

A: "I had plenty to do!"

E: "Oh?"

A: "Maybe not. But collecting leaves for more of your art homework isn't how I like to spend my time."

E: "Stop whining and find me a pretty leaf."

A: "It seems like I'm doing all the collecting too, what are you even doing over there?"

E: "...nothing."

A: "Eli."

E: "Hang on, I've nearly finished!"

A: "I will not be-"

E: "Look, it's a flower crown!"

A: "...you were making a daisy chain?"

E: "Flower crown."

A: "Okay! Well, it's very pretty, now can you-"

E: "Here, now you're the flower queen!"

A: "You're so..."

E: "What?"

A: "You're so cute."

E: "I'm what!?"

A: "You sat there and made me a pretty, little flower crown and crowned me the flower queen, you're so sweet!"

E: "I'm not cute! I'm manly and cool, not cute!"

A: "I just wanna pinch your cheeks."

E: "Aeryn!"

A: "Okay, fine, whatever you say."

E: "...I'm not cute!"

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