Ch. 17

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Warren and I had been driving around endlessly looking for Angelo with no hope for about five hours. We had left the house at 9 in the morning and it was almost two now. Honestly, I was tired. I had already lost hope of finding him. I could only wonder where Angelo had gone. We even went to the dorm about three times just to check if he had come back from lectures or not.

I could see that Warren was frustrated with me. Although I appreciated the help, I didn't want my best friend to be angry with me. Neither did I want him to suffer just because of my stupidity. Therefore, I decided to treat him to a few cups of coffee and then if he wanted to go home, I'd allow him to. I didn't really care if he was with me or not when I looked for Angelo but him being here, giving me some sort of morale wouldn't be so bad. In fact, I needed it. However, Warren's priorities should come first.

Turning to him, I asked "do you want to get some coffee?" we were just a few blocks from Starbucks anyway so he nodded.

Once there, he parked the car and we both walked in. I saw Brian at the counter the moment I entered and honestly, I really didn't want to speak to him right now. Yes, I know, I'm heartless. But you don't know Brian like I do. Although he understands perfectly what going on between us, that we're just friends with benefits. Fuck buddies would be a better phrase because we weren't even friends to begin with.

Anyway, the thing about Brian was, he understood perfectly that there were no strings attached in our relationship and we were only together for sex. However, he's overly clingy. He's one of those people that, the moment he had sex with you, he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. And let's face it, I wasn't into it. Thinking about what I had going on with Brian made me think about why I was actually here in the first place. Angelo.

Speaking of Angelo, I realized that I had to break off whatever it was with Brian. We weren't even heading towards anywhere and let's face it, my mind had pretty much been taken over by a rather beautiful boy.

Making up my mind, I walked towards him whiles Warren found us a table. He smiled brightly the moment he saw me. I gave him a half-hearted smile in return.

"Hey" I said, my voice low.

"Hey baby" Brian greeted, his smile never leaving his face. "Are you here for the usual?" he asked and winked. I understood perfectly but God, that wasn't what I was here for. I couldn't even find it in myself to think about doing that with him. I sighed.

"Just coffee. And a cappuccino for my friend" I told him.

"Oh, I get it.. Will you come back after then? With him maybe?" he suggested, his voice husky and his eyes darkening. What the hell was he thinking about?

"No. No, God no. Brain!!" I chuckled. "That's not happening. And he's not even gay" I whisper shouted at him making him laugh like that was the funniest thing I said. "Anyway, I wanted to talk to you".

Brian nodded giving me the go ahead, a frown gracing his face. He probably had an idea of what I was about to propose and I couldn't blame him. I was known for that. "Okay, so uh.. I think.. I think we should stop what.." I stuttered.

"Oh my God!" Brian shrieked, taking off his glasses as if to look at me better. "Are you breaking up with me?" I felt eyes on us now, so I just smiled. I really didn't want to create a scene so I put my hand on the counter urging him to come closer.

"We'd have to be dating before you can term it as a break up" I rolled my eyes. "But yes. I don't want this anymore" I said with as much seriousness I could muster.

"Oh" he said, sounding dejected. "Is it because of him? Your roommate?" he said, pointing to a table behind me.

My head snapped back so fast I was almost sure I heard something snap. Angelo was seated there, just two seats from where Warren was sitting. With that red head kid. He was glaring daggers at me right now. Oh my God. What was wrong with me? I always managed to send the wrong impression.

"Look Brian, I need to go. Forget about the coffee".

"Oh come on, he seems happy enough" he said as he put his hand on mine. "Stay for a while".

"No you don't understand. I need to go talk to him right now" I said, frustrated that he wasn't letting me go. I didn't even know why I was telling him anything.

"I understand. You like him and he doesn't want a one night stand so you're breaking up with me. It's fine. But you might wanted to hurry up though because it seems that red head boy has his sights set on your lover boy" he advised.

Oh hell no! That Jackson kid better get his paws off my man, I thought. I went to leave, but Brian held me back, forcing me to give him a peck before letting me go, because I was holding up his line, his words. Finally glad to be free of him, I walked hurriedly towards Angelo.

However, before I could even get there, he got up quickly, walking out of the building with Jason following him.

"Angelo!" I shouted, hoping he'd hear me out.

"Evan?" I heard Warren call after me.

"I just saw him" I told him. "I need to speak with him before he leaves with that guy" I said. Eaten nodded but I didn't wait for a response before I rushed to where Angelo was standing.

"Angelo!" I called out again but it seemed he had blocked me out of his mind. "Angelo, I need to speak with you". I tried again, hoping he would at least hear me out. He opened the car door and was about to step in but I grabbed his hand. "Angelo please" I said, it came out as more of a whisper  as I tried being him closer to me.

"Let go" he sneered, making me wince as he pulled away from me quickly.

"Angelo, I can explain what happened. You don't understand.. It wasn't what it looked like" I shouted after him, and when I went to grab him again, Jason stepped in.

"Dude back off".

"Stay out of this Jason" I glared at him. I didn't need him poking his nose into things that didn't concern him. What was Angelo even doing with this guy. I didn't trust him. He looked like a rascal, with all those piercings on his damn face. I wanted him as far away from Angelo. If I could, I'd probably throw him into some island in the middle of nowhere.

"It's Jacob," Angelo retorted making me look at him worriedly. Why was he defending him? Angelo need to be with me. I needed him more than anything right now. I didn't even understand why. All I knew was that I wanted him with me and not with that guy. "And you're the one who needs to back off. I don't want to talk to you." he said.

"Angelo," I whispered. He wouldn't even look at my face and it hurt so much. He didn't understand. I didn't do anything with Nessa. She came onto me. Why didn't he want to listen to me?

"He said he doesn't wanna talk, so get out of his face" Jacob warned before pulling Angelo away from me and towards the car.

I stood there, dumbfounded as I watched them go. It hurt so much. Why was this happening to me? I only knew Angelo for a few days and I already couldn't do anything without him. I needed him and I was going to do everything I could to make him understand that. I sighed as Warren held my shoulder. I didn't want to cry but it seemed my eyes weren't giving me any control over those damn tears.

"Why doesn't he understand,Warren?Why?"


Hey guys, so this is what I could come up with. Evan and Angelo's relationship is still on rocks but after the next chapter, hopefully they would get over their differences and start getting to know each other better. I hope you guys aren't bored with where the story is heading. Let me know what you think.

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