Chapter 23

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So, it was the day my nana went off to Seattle, unknowingly about to get proposed to. It was also the day Talen and Ryan moved in. After tomorrow, Talen can customize his own room seeing that nana will definitely be moving in with Richard. At least I think she will say yes. She deserves it.

"So I'll see all of you when I get back." she hugged all of us.

'Don't worry kids. I'll take care of her." Richard assured us and gave me a tight hug as well.

"We are anything but kids Richard. No offense." Claire laughed.

"Right, sorry." he loaded nan's luggage into his car.

"We could have dropped you off at the airport ourselves you know." I fussed.

"I'm already keeping you from the shop. Have fun with Talen and Ryan." she gave us all one last hugs and they left.

"He's going to propose to her." I finally let it out.

"WHAT?!" the three of them yelled simultaneously.

"Yea, I know." we walked back up the stairs.

"That is fucking amazing. Do you think she'll say yes? I hope she does." Jon gushed

"She has to. Have you seen Richard? He has DILF vibes running off of him." Bree giggled.

"You did not just say that to me. He is probably going to be my grandpa." I shivered.

"I think she will say yes. He's good for her and she for him. She's unconsciously in love." Claire said philosophically.

"Wow, ok Dr.Phil." Jon joked.

"I'm off to work hoes. If any of you see Ry and Talen, let them know that I'll be back at around 7."

"Mhmm, I'll gladly help them." Jon had a grin on his face.

"No, no. You're going to work." I grabbed him by the ear and pulled him out of my place.

"So, what are your true thoughts on your nana potentially getting married. Don't give me the BS that you're fine." He hugged me sideways as we walked to our cars.

"I'm happy... but sad at the same time. She's always been there for me, now she's gonna move out and I'll be alone." I said softly.

"Oh Kat... you know she won't abandon you. She isn't your mother. If anything, she won't want to move out and she'll ask him to move in." he chided.

"I wouldn't allow her to do that. Besides, I don't want to be able to hear them getting it on." I shivered.

"You're still a small kid that's hurt on the inside. You have to grow up." he said in a tough voice.

"You're right. I'm just being a big baby. Have a good day hoe bag." I hugged him.

It was already almost noon, I had the crew set up by themselves because they were more than capable of doing so. The perks of being a boss, I smiled to myself.

Stepping into the place, it was bustling as usual. "Heya boss, you've got a really important call that needs to be returned." Stacey handed me the notepad with the instructions.

"Thanks, Stace." I headed to my office that was at the back of the special room for lounging about.

"Hello, this is Rosa's Katerina Baker speaking, I've been told that you rang earlier on?" I said when I thought someone had answered.

"This is Mayor Johnson's office I'll patch you right in, Ms.Baker." a feminine voice said causing me to go into shock. The mayor?!

"Good afternoon Ms.Baker. Sorry to catch you off guard." the deep voice on the other end said.

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