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a/n: i kinda rushed things in this story
sorry for that

After Jennie proposed to Jisoo, they went to a restaurant for celebrating the success of Magnum's concert. They invited Jisoo to join them and the latter agreed.

Jisoo was searching for Suho but she thought that he already got home.

When they went to the parking. They saw two persons.

"Isn't that the guy you were with?" Jennie said to her.

"It's him." She replied.

Suho is leaning forward to the girl. A few centimeters away before their lips met



Jennie sang those lyrics so loudly. She intentionally interrupted the two.

Suho just glared at her.


They're done eating at the restaurant. They both went home. Jisoo decided to sleep at her fiancé's apartment tonight.

"Please, if this is a dream don't wake me up." Jennie said while driving.

Jisoo just laughed.

"This is real, pabo!" She said.

"This happened so fast. I just saw you at the Amusement park few weeks ago, pretended to have a boyfriend, and now out of nowhere, proposing to me infront of the audience." Jennie said stealing glances at Jisoo.

"You should've asked me to be your girl again first." Jennie continued and chuckled.

"I knew you would say yes so it's no use of asking you to be my girl again." Jisoo said cockily.

They arrived at the apartment already. And a barking sound welcomed them. Jisoo quickly opened the door and hugs Dalgomie.

She missed her dog.

She missed their baby.

After she let Dalgom go, she went to their room. She was happy because despite of what happened in this room, it didn't change. Their pictures are still hanging in the wall. Her clothes are neatly piled in their closet.

"Go and take shower already, love." Jennie said.

"Join me so that we can save water and it isn't time consuming at all." Jisoo wiggled her brows.

"No monkey business, Chu. I'm tired from the concert."  Jennie said.

"I was just teasing you." She said and went her way to the bathroom.

After a few minutes, the two already done.
They are now cuddling at the bed.

"Beyond happy to have you in my arms again, love." Jennie said while giving a kiss to her forehead.

"Me too. All the dead butterflies rose again in my stomach." Jisoo said while clinging more to Jennie.

"I'm already drained. Good night, Chu. I love you, always." Jennie said slowly drifting off to sleep

"I love you more. Good night, Jen."

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