Honey Gold Eyes

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|Writer's P

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|Writer's P.O.V|

If you left the guild of Magnolia and traveled a few paces down the winding streets, you would see the tail of a blue cape, gliding through the wind. Its wearer was none other than the famed Mystogan of Fairy Tail. His magic and identity were unknown to many but a few could see through the disguise. 

Every step he took resonated with a mass of power and magical energy. The citizens were scared of him, but because he belonged to their guild, they took pride in his magical abilities and were happy to see that he was still alive.

Back at the guild, everybody was still in some sort of shocked state by this person turning up. Lucy was still lost as to who she was and no one would tell her anything about the strange person and why she was even here. She just stared on in confusion as the person spoke to some guildmates as if she knew them.

Some guildmates were still crying and some just shook with happiness, their smiles spreading across their faces and not letting go. With all the positive energy floating around, nobody seemed to notice that Grey was creeping up on the new person. Dodging tables and chairs and the huge mass of people surrounding the girl, he grabbed something from his pocket and looked at it, before scrunching his hand up and hiding the object again.

When he was behind the girl, he grabbed her hand, the cold touch surprising her but, at the same time, letting her know who it was. With a quirky grin on her face, she turned to Grey and pulled him into a hug, her arms and tails wrapping around him. Grey turned a light shade of pink but that went unnoticed by the guild. 

"Grey! I missed you! How are you? Did you miss me too? Has anything new happened? Anyone new join? Anyo-" Grey silenced her with his finger and just laughed at her excitement. 

"Puddin, Puddin, calm down, please. You're going to give me a headache." The girl labeled 'Puddin' nodded and pouted, causing Grey too, yet again, go a light shade of pink. 'Puddin' dropped her arms but kept her tails where they were, spiting her and Grey away from everyone. He said something and she giggled before hugging him again.  

This just confused Lucy even more. Are they going out? Where they related? She didn't even know where to begin with all the questions, but what was eating at her the most was, why did this girl have tails and fox ears, and was she magic? Lucy could not sense any magic emitting from the teen with Grey. Erza and Mirajane were busy talking or taking orders from other people, so asking them was out of the question. Levy was in her own little world again, so she was unavailable as well. Lucy just had to wait as of now to ask questions, but the curiosity was killing her. 

After the meeting between Grey and the mysterious girl, the mentioned female strolled up to Lucy. People stopped to look and watch the two blonds interact with each other.

"Hello! I heard that you're new here? Well, I'm a long-lasting member but I was on a job for a while. You probably can't feel the magical energy from me and that's the same for everyone, but I am magical. The reason for this is I hide my power, it's too overwhelming for everyone here. But you, you're different, if I let my powers out you'll be able to stand it because of your magic. Celestial Wizard, not too many of them left, unfortunately. What spirits do you have in your care, I can feel their links and they all care deeply about you. Sorry, I'm rambling again!" the girl went a light shade of pink and clasped her hands together. Lucy looked at the girl is amazement, she didn't even know her and she could tell that much. 

"Well my name is Lucy Heartfilla, and as of right now I have Aquarius, Taurus, and Cancer for gold keys. For silver keys, I have Crux the Southern Cross, Horologium the Grandfather Clock, Lyra the lyre and Nikora the Canis minor." the unnamed girl nodded and grabbed Lucy's hands. 

"Taurus huh?" Lucy felt weird as a golden glow surrounded her body, it only lasted a minute or so, but after a while, she felt her magical energy being used up a bit. There was the sound of a bell and Taurus appeared in a matter of gold sparkles. He was going to say his usual comment to Lucy before he saw the lady standing in front of her. His posture changed instantly but not into his usual lovey-dovey stance, it was more of an admiration but formal pose. 

"Tsukiko?" his tone was questioning and surprised. She nodded and he bowed his head to her, she simply smiled. 

"It's okay Taurus, respect is not needed when not due. How's Aquarius and Cancer? How is the king, is he holding up fine?" Taurus nodded to her questions and raised his head. Something of a smile filled his face as the now know 'Tsukiko' grabbed his hand. The space between them filled with light again as Lucy felt a sudden boost in her spirits power. After all, the light had died down and people had seen that Taurus had gone back to the spirit world they focused back on their conversations. On the floor where the spirit once stood there was a calming white glow. Tsukiko gently placed her hand underneath the glow and picked it up, bringing it to rest atop her heart. The light slowly disappeared and Tsukiko removed her hands. 

She smiled at Lucy before nodding as if to confirm something. After this, she walked away to Master Makarov. They both bowed their heads out of respect before she sat next to him. Lucy couldn't hear what was being said between the two, but she saw smiles and happiness radiating off their faces, so she assumed it was something good. 

For the third time today, the guild doors opened, but no one would remember it happening. Tsukiko turned her head and smiled, tears brimming her eyes, Master Makarov smiled at what was about to happen, as every other member fell to the floor.

"Puddin', you're home?" Tsukiko nodded.

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