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a/n: hey everyone! so i'm back with another chapter. i have a system while writing this story, at least have one stock chapter before updating. i hope you all my readers enjoy this and this time you're going to meet Marina! she may be a supporting character but she does have an important role in the story. there's also an important easter egg if you read other stories This Is How I Fix You, hehe. enjoy!

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Marina Atherton-Pierce let out a long sigh as she leaned her head against the headrest in the bus seat. The first day of going back to Kingston had been more draining than she originally thought, her schedule was already full with the speech she had to deliver during dinner in The Great Hall and making sure that all students had got into the bus. She most certainly did not want the unspeakable incident where a student got left behind on the station to happen again. Her hand tugged the Student Council badge emblazoned on her blazer's sleeve and she closed her eyes. Not even the greenery landscape that flashed through the window calmed the nerves brimming in Marina's heart. Emotional waves made Marina uncomfortable, as she preferred to rely on pragmatic methods instead of giving into emotional turmoil.

Kingston Academy was located at the foot of one of the mountains in the State of Massachusetts and honestly, Marina felt like she attended a magical school like Hogwarts or Ilvermorny. Not to mention that Ilvermorny also located in Mount Greylock, a thought that brought a smile to Marina's face. Despite the small storm raging inside her, Marina always found a way to calm herself down.

The sight of Kingston Academy soon graced Marina's sight, the school stood over the greenery landscape and the forest that surrounded the building. Resembling an old castle in European countries, Marina had to admit that Kingston's long history only strengthened the historical vibes the school emanated.

Scanning her head around, Marina noticed that most of her classmates were sleeping or either looking at the window with a wistful look on their faces. The chatters and jokes had long subsided, the noise in the atmosphere replaced with silence that was currently enveloping the whole bus. There were several other buses that took Kingston students from the private station aside from the one Marina was in. She was relieved that at least Natalya was not in the same bus as she was.

In all honesty, she did not want to ruin the last moments of peace they had before the grueling school year started, but her job as the President called out on her. Dutiful had always been one of Marina's strongest traits and she would do anything possible to adhere to her responsibilities.

"Ramona, you should wake up," Marina decided to give her best friend her forewarning. "I am going to announce that we almost arrived."

Ramona only nodded her eyes still slammed shut. Sighing, Marina realized she should play the 'Spartan President' role to gain control of the whole Student Body.

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