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From the countless dreams I've had about him, this scenario has never been played out. I was usually dead before I could find a temporary safe heaven.

I knew last minute panicking didn't work in my favor at this moment but I ran off anyways.

I knew I was stupid for doing that. A wolf could outrun a human any time and I was still tired from my previous one.

My mind tempted the though if giving up and just letting the beast devour me. At least the fear and ache would go away and I would feel nothing for eternity.

On the hand, a more valid part of my brain, was pushing me forward, making me go faster with each step. Although I seemed to be going faster, there was world war 3 going on in my head right now.

I even stopped for a second when one side shut the other one up but I ran again when I saw him close behind.

I didn't turn around again while running because there was an 99 percent chance that he was right behind me and would take that opportunity to pounce at my face. Though that death would be painless and wouldn't drag off as if he were slowly tearing each limb slowly from my torso until I bled out.

Even if I didn't look back, I could still hear his paws hit against the soft snowy floor in a fast pace towards me. At the pace he was going, I was surprised he didn't catch up to me.

Unless he wants to tire and antagonist you first before he kills you.

I wanted to ignore that thought but it was a reasonable explanation. I knew he could run twice as fast as me on any given day so I was taking any explanation to solve why he was purposely running slowly.

It was nightfall by the time I slowed down. I was positive a ran at least 5 miles but I didn't care. At least I was still alive but not for long.

The thick green of the forest started to blend in with the dark skies and I couldn't see him anymore. I could only rely on my sense of hearing which wasn't doing me much good when all I could hear was my pumping heart ringing in my ears.

Being fooled into thinking I lost him, I started to slow down and took a deep breath.

But at least I had one deep breath of free air before he pounced.

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