Chapter 4: Golden Eyes

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"My mum always said 
things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end.
If not always in the ways we expect". 

  Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)

She passed a hand trough her messy hair and looked at the small clock.


Well, at last she had slept some, even if it wasn't much.

She was right. The week was a nightmare.

 Thankfully the day was filled with a light, fresh breeze and a warm sun, so painting the fence wasn't exactly a horrible way to spend time

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Thankfully the day was filled with a light, fresh breeze and a warm sun, so painting the fence wasn't exactly a horrible way to spend time. Apart for the usual ache in the arms and back, but after years of chores she was used to it.

She was enjoying her time as she had almost done half of the work, prideful of herself for once that she was doing a very good job in such a short time, when Madam Spite had decided it was a time to pay her a little visit, just to turn her beautiful day awful, because really, why should she have some happy time?

"How much did you do?" she asked from behind her, her posture casting a shadow over her that obscured the light, bringing a feeling of oppression everywhere she went.

Madam Spite was quite an old and spiteful woman, around seventy years, even if Lily suspected she lied and she was way older, ancient really, if only the wrinkles on her white skin could speak. The woman was wearing an austere black dress that seemed to be done for a funeral, not for an orphanage, her white hair, with some few dark locks, were all the time sealed in a severe bun, making her already pale long face even sharper, and frankly, a little frightening.

In her nose there was a giant mole that, a lot of times, had distracted Lily when she was younger. When Madam Spite wanted to give her orders or just wanted to complain about something, that mole had always seemed attracted her attention. On the top, in fact, there was a small hair and she always dreamed to take that out.

She wasn't however brave enough to dare. She didn't have a death wish.

"Have you heard me, you good-for-nothing?" asked again the woman, a sneer on her face.

"Yes, Ma'am" Lily responded turning, so she wouldn't watch that stupid mole "I have already done more than a half" she added, indicating the part of the fence already done.

"Only a half? I expected you to be done by this time" spatted Madam Spite "You are a nuisance. I should have left you outside that damn morning" she added, her voice full of disgust for the girl.

Lily ignored her, not giving a reaction and continued painting. She knew the elder woman was waiting every day for her to snap, so she could have the perfect excuse to throw her out. She often wondered why, after all, she was the one doing most of the chores.

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