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I walked down the street. It was finally time for my new job. After the Café was taken we were left with a lot of dept to pay off. Well Aphmau and the rest worked super hard at there jobs it just wasn't cutting it. The job I took up made me sick but it was the only thing I could do that would be able to pay the dept faster. It was night time now so Aphmau wouldn't know where I was. Since I also have a day job I secretly go to this one at night. So if they ever question me I can talk about my day job. But the truth is this job pays much much more. I walked over to the large building. Lights flashing everywhere inside. I worked at a night club. I swung open the doors and saw my Boss sitting in a chair and chatting with some ladies. His eyes shifted away from the girls and he looked at me. He motioned me over to him and I walked.

"Hello Kawaii Chan! Its good to see you. Now tonight is gonna be a bit different than usual." He smiled.

I kept a calm face and nodded my head smiling.

"Tonight you will not be serving drinks. Since we have an important guest over he has decided to come and pick out some girls. Becase well you know rich people. They get what they want." He laughed.

I felt my stomach sink. How I hated people like that. Those that bought girls with money were terrible.

"He should be arrving soon so go get ready in the back." He stated.

I smiled at him and nodded my head. Just great just great. I just got a job and now I could be taken away by some rich guy. I walked into the back room and saw everyone frantically getting ready. I heard the door click and the boss ran in.

"Hurry Hurry! Hes here!" He yelled.

Everyone finished up and got into a line. The Boss turned around back to the door and opened it wide. Inside walked a boy. He had blue eyes and blonde hair. Everyone gasped and I rolled my eyes. He wasn't that cute. He walked passed each and everyone one of us but stopped at me. I was not going to go with him so I pretended to gasp and look away. I glanced over at him and saw him role his eyes. I sighed in relief and he walked away from us all. He walked up to the door and opened it.

"I'm not intrested in any of them, come with me." The man replied.

The Boss bit down on his lips and nodded his head.

"Everyone get back to work." He yelled.

As they left the girls started complaining and whinning. I got my work uniform on and headed outside. I watched as the Boss entered another room. As the door was about to close I noticed another figure in the coner of the room. The figure seemed to wear all black. I could only see one eye since he covered his hair with his face. I couldn't see his mouth because he wore something over it. He was kinda cute... I felt my heart skip a few beats and I got back to work.


After about an hour of working the Boss finally came outta the room. He ran up to me and looked freaked out.

"Can you bring in some drinks, make it fast." He demanded.

I put on a fake smile and nodded my head. He ran back to the room and I followed him. When I entered the room I saw the guy in all black staring at me. He watched my ever move my heart kept beating faster and faster. I put the drinks down on the table and as I was about to leave I felt someone grab my wrist. I turned my head back fast and flung the tray at him. It hit him straight in the face and he screamed.

"Ops sorry didn't see you there." I replied rolling my eyes.

I picked up the tray and began walking out of the room. I stopped at the door and looked behind me. The boy with blonde hair groaned in pain as a bruise began to form on his eye. I heard someone begin to chuckle and my eyes looked over at the man in all black. He began laughing as he watched the other boy in pain.

"Shut up, Zane." The other one replied

The boy named Zane kept laughing. The blonde haired guy got up and walked over to Zane. So his name was Zane... how dreamy ...

"Go find some ladies to mess around with get lost." He growled at Zane.

I opened the door quickly and left the room. I could still here screaming behind me and I giggled to myself. As I was walking down the halls I decided it was time for a break. I began to walk to the break room when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I quickly turned around and noticed the Boss.

"Uhh hey.." I spoke.

"Don't Hey me. How dare you hit him. Do you even know how he is?" He screamed.

I felt him grab my arm and throw me against the wall. I growled in pain. I felt him cover my eyes and I felt a hand hit my face. I screamed in agony.

"Stupid Bitch!" He yelled.

I heard the Boss scream in pain and he put his hands away from my eyes. He dropped down to the floor and I saw blood fall out of him. I felt my eyes go huge and I was about to look up but someone covered my eyes. I screamed but then felt someones hand cover my mouth.

"Shhh.." They whispered.

I calmed down a bit and they removed there hands from my eyes. I looked up and noticed the boy in all black.

"I thought every girl liked my brother, but I guess I was wrong." He chuckled.

I felt my face heat up and I heard foot steps running behind us.

"Oh baby brother did you find a girl you liked?" A voice chuckled.

I felt Zane pull me into his chest and he turned around. It was the boy from before.

"Garoth what do you want." He growled.

"Her." He replied

He pointed over at me and I hid in Zanes arms. He pulled me in tighter and grolwed at Garoth.

"If you come with me ill help you pay off your dept." He smirked.

I felt my heart racing fast and I looked up.

"How do you know about it." I replied slowly.

"Your boss told me." He replied.

I felt myself shaking again and Zane let me go. Zane picked me up in his arms and I gasped.

"Find someone else." Zane growled.

He began to walk away and walked to the break room. He made sure no one was inside and locked the door. He pinned me down to the coach and chuckled. I began to blush and look away. I took a peak and noticed Zane stand up a bit. He stood up over me and began throwing hundreds and thosands of dollars on me. My eyes went huge no way.

"You can keep this all but on one condition. You become mine and mine only." He smirked.

I looked away and blushed even more. I nodded my head and felt him come back down on me. He tilted my chin to him and took of his mask. My face got even reder, he threw his mask to the floor and leaned down closer to my face. Our lips locked and from then on my new life began.

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