Chapter 14

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Anyways, I bring to you: chapter 14.


It's been two weeks since Master stopped visiting Alvena at night. Aside from the rare occasions that they'd bump into each other in the hallways, they didn't meet— because Master always had something to do or more like, quoting Lucien, "excuses, excuses."

"Evie, can we go to Rosehold today?" the bright-eyed fairy-looking creature asked in the middle of eating breakfast alone. I look at her then at Morwenna from the sidelines. "Please Evie."

"Why Rosehold?" I boldly ask, already too comfortable with my Mistress.

"I'll tell you if you go with me." A cheeky grin slides up on her little face while Morwenna shakes her head.

"My orders are to serve your every need," I relay.

"I need to go Rosehold."

"Then we head out after breakfast," I say, to Alvena's delight, Morwenna's disappointment, and my utter indifference.

That indifference remained as Alvena fawned over every store situated in the inner village from the second upon arrival, endlessly praising Rosehold's beauty while oblivious to her own allure that's been causing heads to turn for quite some time now.

The human ran around like a child until she finally stopped at an open floral field. From there, she lifted up her dress and hiked up a tiny hill. When she reached the top, she beckoned me forward to admire the boundless bushes of roses before us.

Rosehold was named that way for a reason. It was as if all the world's most beautiful roses were thrown together in one place to create a preserved image most fitting of the symbol of elegant eternity of us vampires. The smell of roses reached every inch of the area brought about by the passing wind and the magnificence of the sight could make any other wonder lose its pride.

Alvena began shuffling with the bag I was holding so I helped her set up the suitcase of paints. I opened the canvas and set it up as she diligently began mixing paint. It was interesting, how fast her hands worked with the brush and how focused her eyes were on the scene before her.

"Alek said the garden in Rosehold will never look the same the next time you visit it."

"Rosehold is known to have an unchanging scenery, even in the winter season it looks like spring. That explains why this isn't a popular attraction. You can see it any day. It will be the same, today and one hundred years from now," I correct her.

"Evie," Alvena hummed her name for me. "Alek told me, when you live as long as he has, nothing really has color anymore. Only the roses of Rosehold prove otherwise." Alvena mixed some reddish pink paint and splattered some on the greens.

"Then why doesn't Master just visit here himself?"

"He also told me he won't ever be visiting Rosehold again." This, she says sadly before continuing to paint, making it clear that I'm free to do whatever.

"We leave before nightfall," I advise.

I plant myself down and lean on the tree providing shade, gently closing my eyes and breathing in the snow-scented air. This is what I smell when I'm next to the human and I like it. The rose fragrance is a bit too "romantic" for my preference.

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